Various Kinds of Beautiful Kitchen Sets

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The kitchen is one of the vital rooms in the house whose function is very important so that the room should be there.
Aside from being a place for cooking and preparing food, some kitchen functions such as storing food supplies, also double as a dining room in some minimalist houses or not too large.
The kitchen set is one important component in the kitchen.
As a place to carry out various activities related to cooking and preparing food.

Various kinds of kitchen sets are currently popular.
Starting from a minimalist kitchen set to a luxurious one.
Depending on the taste of the homeowner.
Because with the presence of a pleasant kitchen set, can further enhance the spirit of cooking and other kitchen activities.

The following are some models and designs of kitchen sets that can be a complementary recommendation for your home kitchen. Let’s check this out!!!

1. White Aluminium Kitchen Set

The basic color of this aluminum kitchen set is white.

But with the addition of large furniture such as stoves, ovens, and refrigerators that are light blue, as if there are two colors in this kitchen set.

2. Retro Cream Kitchen Set

This small kitchen set made of wood carries a retro concept with vertical lines and the cream color looks sweet and comfortable to look at.

3. Tiny Wood Kitchen Set

This wooden kitchen set has a small size with no stove. There are only sinks on the table. The upper shelf is also only one stacking length, with a push door model.

4. Brick Kitchen Set

This kitchen set has made from brick. The brick has a good texture and color. This material is suitable to be used as a kitchen base material so that your kitchen looks more attractive and beautiful.

5. Kitchen Set with a Plant at the Top

This kitchen set model is suitable for homes made from mostly wood. Made of polished wood, with a vintage theme, small in size. What’s interesting is at the top, you can put some ornamental plants, both living and artificial, to further refresh the kitchen atmosphere

6. Tiny Kitchen Set

Oke guys this time we have a tiny kitchen set. This kitchen set has made of aluminum, but the table has made of wood. The tiny shape is still complete with a stove and sink.

7. Japanese Wood Kitchen Set

This wooden kitchen set is suitable for Japanese themed houses or made from wood. With a classic model, and equipped with Japanese tree paintings on the walls. The dining table set also adopts the classic Japanese dining table model.

8. Natural Stone Kitchen Set

This flat stone kitchen set is suitable for outdoor type kitchens.
The model is unique but very beautiful.

9. Large Stone Kitchen Set

Even if you are indoors, it doesn’t matter if you want the kitchen to be different. A large stone kitchen set with wood on the table is quite fresh to look at. This kitchen will make the atmosphere of your home more natural.

10. Kitchen Set with Curved Side Dining Table

White aluminum kitchen set with this modern concept complete with a dining table bar chair model. The dining table has a curved shape on the side.

Beautiful isn’t it?

11. Kitchen Set with Combination Wood and Aluminium

This kitchen set has a combination of materials from aluminum and wood. Aluminum in the main body, while wood in the walls and dining table. This kitchen will make your home look more modern and futuristic.

12. Kitchen Set with the Model Bar Dining Table

The kitchen set made of wood with a combination of aluminum and marble has a size large enough but simple design. The bar-style dining table is wide and enough for two to three people and this will make your home look more nuanced in the bar.

13. Kitchen Set Height

With a high size, this kitchen set combination of wood and aluminum makes it possible to accommodate quite a lot of kitchen furniture and the like.

14. Kitchen with Folding Dining Table

Having a small size allows this aluminum kitchen set to be placed in the kitchen with a small space. What is unique is its bar-style dining table which can be folded and is certainly very practical.

15. Kitchen Set with Spacious Dining Table

This kitchen set requires quite a lot of space. Although the size of the kitchen set is not too big, the complimentary dining table is quite large and long, it can be for about 4 to 5 people.

16. Kitchen Set with Fireplace Model

The fireplace model without the upper cabinet is indeed suitable for a kitchen set with a classic theme. Especially if you can combine it with the atmosphere of your home. This kitchen will be better and more beautiful and of course, your house will be more beautiful too. For example like this white painted wooden kitchen set.

17. Letter U-Shape Kitchen Set

This cream-colored aluminum kitchen set has a unique shape, which is a U-shape so it is suitable for a minimalist kitchen with a model room in the corner of the house.

18. Kitchen Set with Glass Cabinet

This white kitchen set with red touch has a cupboard top, some are covered with glass. Beautiful isn’t it?

19. Classic Rustic Kitchen Set

This kitchen set is made of teak wood, the design of this medium-sized kitchen set adopts the classic rustic concept. The table is made of marble. Make it look more classy and luxurious even though it looks simple.

20. Rustic Aluminum Wood Kitchen Set

this time the kitchen set that carries a rustic theme. Modern rustic themes that are carried out make this kitchen set a combination of aluminum and wood more attractive. Moreover, equipped with a long bar-style dining table.

21. Black Kitchen Set

This wood kitchen set has a black color with a dark brown border. The black color makes this kitchen more elegant and luxurious. The walls are given small ceramic tiles.

22. Simple Wood Kitchen Set

Made from wood with ground brown varnish, combined with black glass on the dining table, this simple kitchen set is able to present its own luxury.

23. Kitchen Set Without Stove

This kitchen set made from white wood is quite small, making it suitable for small-sized kitchens.

There is no place for the stove, so you can put the stove on another part. And of course, this further expands your kitchen.

24. Ivory White Retro Kitchen Set

The retro concept makes this ivory-white wood kitchen set look attractive. Its vertical lines further enhance its appearance.

25. Kitchen Set with Classic Dining Table

The model is indeed classic and simple, made of wood and painted plain white. But the addition of classic dining tables and chairs actually makes this kitchen set more classy and will increasingly make your home more beautiful.