Tips and Tricks for Organizing a Family Room to Make it more Beautiful and Attractive

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The family room is indeed one of the most frequently used and visited spaces at home. Because it is a place for families to relax and spend time together while enjoying entertainment.

Making the family room comfortable, of course, needs to be carefully planned so that it doesn’t seem just there. Performing the right arrangement. Of the family room and maintaining cleanliness are the two main keys to creating a comfortable family room.

How about you who have a narrow family room? No problem. This time we will share with you various inspirations for arranging a narrow family room so that it still feels comfortable! Let’s check this out!

1. Using Classic Style

The first inspiration is like a family room in Richmond, Virginia. The family room of the couple Meg and John Gottwald looks fresh and spacious with a combination of red, brown, and orange combined with turquoise blue as a table decoration. The arrangement of furniture such as a U-shaped sofa facing the television is suitable for small families when they want to enjoy watching movies together. Also added is a painting by Sally Bowring which has the same color scheme as the room.

2. Contemporary Style Family Room

Located on Michigan Avenue, designer Doug Atherly created a room that is comfortable and looks serene. This contemporary nuanced room is suitable to be combined with today’s modern technology, with neutral colors that will bring harmony to a room. An oatmeal L-shaped sofa makes this room even more attractive. Its modern atmosphere is also very fitting for the times that are full of technology like today.

3. Glamorous Family Room

This room that looks comfortable uses a lot of fabric that is easy to clean. This family room owned by Colette ven den Thillart combines many elements such as an octagonal backrest in front of the sofa that serves as a footrest, a place to do homework to the dining table. Low maintenance wooden floors make the family room a kid-friendly family room.

4. Cozy and Colorful Family Room

This is a family room in North Carolina which is part of Julie Price’s summer home. With a touch of striking color from both mustard colored furniture and sofas, as well as decorative cushions on the chairs that fill the chairs, this family room looks comfortable to be used as a gathering space with family.

5. Organic Family Room

For the decorative balance of this family room, the designer provides a relaxed accent that looks natural. He made this happen through wool carpets, minimalist curtains and drapes, decorative pillows and mineral-derived chalk paint. Hardwood floors made of oak were installed for this organic house.

6. Comfortable Family Room dominated by Purple

This family room looks comfortable as a place to gather to enjoy television with a sink down sofa with purple and blue colors that brighten up the room. Do not forget to also combine it with wall decoration with a collection of bottles for decoration on the living room table.

7. Family Room with a Warm Feel

This family room is suitable for a small family of four and has an active lifestyle. Homeowners put forward colors with a casual colorful concept. As well as matching and matching fabric colors as furniture covers, zebra skin colors and orange on the sofa make this room look cheerful.

8. Clean and Bright Family Room

In this family room by Gail Plechaty, you can see that the color selection of furniture dominated by brown feels harmonious with the white walls making the room feel comfortable. Especially with the fur rug which of course makes us want to set foot on it. The creamy brown color of the carpet contrasts with the dark floor.

9. Child Friendly Family Room

“Hardiness” is of course the key to a house that is inhabited by active children. This family room is an example that can be an inspiration. Most of the material in this room is covered with white denim which is easy to clean. In fact, the cushions on the sofa are also made of easy-to-clean cotton. The coffee table made of wood gives a natural impression to this family room.

10. After-Hours Family Room

Designed for those who spend long hours at the office, and want to spend time seclusion in the living room at night. This family room has a space designed with a quiet concept, comfortable colors, and soothing details. There is a sofa with a footrest or ottoman which adds to the comfort of the occupants’ rest.

11. Vintage Family Room

This family room located in Salt Lake Citu, Utah was designed by Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer keeping all the furniture the main focus in the room. Its presence that is not attached to the wall gives a broad impression. There is also furniture with a vintage concept that adds aesthetic value to this family room.

12. Family Room with Dazzling Concept

This family room is suitable for those of you who like a mix of diverse and glamorous colors. The black color of the cabinet gives an undeniable elegance. With a blue armchair combined with a black cabinet, it makes the residents of the house comfortable to stop by in this family room.

13. Comfy Family Room

This family room looks comfortable by playing with black and white. Do not forget also some color touches on the pillows and wall decorations that have contrasting colors to the room. There is also a round chair with a touch of flowers which makes the room look more homey.

14. Family Room facing the Pool

White floors and neutral walls, complemented by cream wood furniture, are the highlight in this room. Not to forget, the glass windows and glass doors that directly face the swimming pool make for a calm and relaxing family room.

15. Clean Palette Family Room

This family room, which is dominated by white, is designed to calm the owner of the house. The use of ultrasuede on some furniture makes the room look comfortable. Don’t forget to also have a large coffee table that can be used multi-functionally when the family gets together.