The Best Living Room Design that you can make a reference for Your Home

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The design of the living room has an important role in every home. When meeting someone else for the first time. You might build the first impression of that person by looking at how to dress. The same is the case with the living room design. This room will be seen the first time by people who visit your home. Your living room can be the judge of the person who enters you.

Therefore, having a beautiful and elegant living room is one step that can make people think bad about you. In addition, the living room also makes your home more beautiful and charming. If you choose the right living room design.

But what if living in a small house, so that the space is limited? Relax, by utilizing smart tricks to design a small living room like this. You can really make the living room still look modern and up to date. Check out the discussion of beautiful designs from the living room that we have collected below.

1. Living Room Design with Neutral Color

You can use neutral colors like ivory white, brown, or gray for the basic color of the living room wall. Neutral and warm colors can create the illusion of a wider space in your small house. In addition, these colors can also blend with the color of any furniture. These colors will make your living room feel more beautiful and of course will make it more charming and elegant.

2. Living Room Design with Beautiful Wood Elements

Although wood elements are often the identical material used in classic style houses, no doubt this one material can also be a perfect blend for modern style homes. The use of wood motif floors produce modern shades well. Coupled with a number of furniture such as sofas and shelves the same tone, adding to the impression of a clean and warm living room. In addition, wood can also make a natural and pure impression for your living room. Coupled with furniture that supports, making this room suitable for chatting with your guests.

3. Monochrome Living Room Design

The combination of basic black and white colors is indeed implemented in many minimalist homes. No wonder, because the colors are indeed able to create the impression of luxury and modernity. Small sofas and round tables like the one above make the room look simple but still elegant. Plus the chandelier with a matching color, can sweeten the design of your minimalist living room. Of course the other furniture is a beautiful support for the feel of this room.

4. Living Room Design with High Ceiling

Fortunately for you who have a house with a high ceiling. Without much effort, the ceiling has given a wide and spacious impression to the home. If your house already has a high ceiling, you stay more careful in its decor. Use a third rule on the wall. Fill the base of the wall with attractive ornaments like a sofa whose color is different from the color of the wall. Then the middle of the wall can be filled with paintings. Leave the top of the wall without any ornament to give the impression of being free and not piling up.

5. Skandinavia Living Room Design

Exposed brick walls painted white give the impression of warm, clean, and airy. The design of the living room with white exposed brick like this is suitable for your Scandinavian interior style house. So that it doesn’t look boring, add striking decorations, for example colorful pillowcases and patterned carpets like the picture above. Decorations that tend to be anti-mainstream and other unique decorations will make your room more attractive and beautiful.

6. Living Room Design that integrates with other rooms

Space limitations don’t always make the house look crowded and crowded. One way to make your little house look spacious is by uniting two functions of the room at once without providing a divider. You can unite the living room with family room or dining room as well as above to give a broader impression. Not only that, the concept of a house without insulation like this can also build the character of family members to be more open with each other.

7. Living Room Design with Window Lighting

Proper lighting can also have a wide effect on small living rooms. Arrange furniture to create more functional zones. Expand the source of lighting, both from lights and natural light. Rely on large windows to get natural sun lighting so that the house looks more spacious. Aside from being a natural lighting, this window can also function to see the outside scenery while we chat with guests.

8. Minimalist Living Room Design by Decor Aid

Every beautiful house has unique stories behind it. For this house, the story begins with a pair of lovers who are still young – the husband comes from England and his wife comes from the United States, where they need a renovation of a minimalist 3×3 size living room design with a modern nuance to welcome their first baby.

This small family works with Decor Aid, an interior design firm based in Manhattan, United States. From an ordinary and old-fashioned house, the design team brought a minimalist modern and elegant 3×3 size living room design.

9. Vintage Elements for Minimalist Living Room Design

The interior design of this house is made by a Polish designer, Loft Kolasinski, and architect firm Eike Becker Architekten. Do everything from interior layout to product design, including interior design for the living room. Some of the products are custom-made products specifically for minimalist spaces.

Furniture and other decorations emphasize the function and purity of design. In this house, there is no exaggeration, but the designers combine vintage and minimalist decorations together.

One of them is the rug in the living room, which is a medieval rug design from the Czech Republic. The concept of a living room made by a Polish architect can be applied to design a minimalist 3 × 3 size living room for your home.

10. Minimalist Living Room Design of Studio Loft Kolasinski

Still being worked on by the same designer, Studio Loft Kolasinski renovates the interior of an old Polish house and applies an elegant, modern minimalist look. This house is from the 1930s. Adding historical aspects to its design, the architecture firm remake chairs designed by Jan Bocan, an architect from the Czech Republic in 1972.

The element of popular culture can be seen through wall paintings in the form of posters which are promotional material for films by director Polania in the late 80s. A living room table with a minimalist design gives a modern and minimalist image. Furniture design ideas from this house are very suitable to be applied to the minimalist living room design size 3 × 3.

Maybe that’s all the designs we can provide at this time. Hopefully the above design is suitable for those of you who are or want to build a living room for your home. Keep on waiting for our posts and stay tuned!