20 Kinds of Beautiful House Roof Design

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The roof is one part of the house that serves as a protector from exposure to the sun, rain, to the threat of danger from outside the building.

This roof is one of the aspects that allow people to do activities. Inside the building without fear of external threats. But did you know that the roof does not only function as protection?

The roof is part of the building that gives the value of art and style to the building. Sometimes, this type of roof design can also build the character of the building. In addition, by choosing the right roof design, we can get a greater level of protection.

The design of the roof of the house itself there is various kinds.

There are roof designs that are specific to housing, but there are also roof designs that are used in commercial buildings or offices. This time we will show some designs that might suit you.

1. Minimalist Flat Roof

Flat roof shape suitable for use in minimalist concept housing. But if implemented in Indonesia will be less suitable, because it sees the climate and weather in the hot tropics. If you want to use this roofing model, we recommend that you combine it with other types of roofs such as pyramid, saddles or pyramids. Or plant some plants at the top, so that it prevents direct sunlight.

2. Pyramid Roof

This one roof type tends to be simpler, its shape is a pyramid. The advantage is that manufacturing costs are more affordable. This roof has a shape that is quite unique, namely the shape of the pyramid. This roof will make your home a more nuanced middle east and will certainly beautify your home.

3. Gramble Roof

This roof model comes from the Netherlands, has two symmetrical sides with 2 slopes on each side of the roof. The upper slope has shallow angles while the lower slope is steeper.

4. Trapezoidal Roof

Not much different from the pyramid-shaped roof, but when viewed from the front of the shape of this roof is a trapezoid. The shape is as unique as the shape of the pyramid.

5. Mansard Roof

This roof model is often found in France. This type of roof has 4 sides, where the slope of each side of the slope is very steep. The hallmark of this roof is that there is a window that appears on the front side. The roof of this model is more often used as a storage room for goods.

6. Curved Roof

The shape of the roof is unique but its beauty does not eliminate the function of the roof itself as a cover and protector of the building. This roof can also give a different feel to your home.

7. Bonnet Roof

This one roof for example is Joglo house in Java. The shape of the terraced roof with the lower part protrudes out which serves to block the entry of excessive sunlight.

8. Dome Roof

This type of roof also has a unique shape, the advantage is that it is resistant to earthquakes. In addition, this roof will also beautify your home and will make it elegant and artsy.

9. Dutch Gable Roof

The Dutch Gable roof is a type of roof combination between gable and shield roofs. The shape will make your home more beautiful and elegant. Of course, it will also protect your home from various disturbances as it should.

10. Sandar Roof

The Sandar roof is a model of the roof where the top attaches to a vertical wall. This roof is often reached and is one of the most commonly used roofs by people.

11. Slanted Butterfly Roof

The roof of this model is also the same as the Sandar roof, but the position of the highest wall is on the side. So that when viewed from the front it looks like a butterfly’s wings and certainly more beautiful.

12. Sloping Roof 1 Side

The next modification model of the leaning roof is tilted 1 side. Where the building cover only consists of 1 roof sloping position. This roof is also suitable for reflecting sunlight so that you are not too hot.

13. Double Sloping Roof

The roof of this model is not much different from the next which consists of two sloping roofs but does not meet each other in the middle. This roof is very suitable to make your home feel modern and elegant.

14. Traditional Japanese Roof

This traditional Japanese roof has a stacked roof shape. Consists of 1 large main roof and is then drained with several other smaller roofed children. This roof will make your home feel like when in the countryside in Japan.

15. Modern Japanese Roof

Unlike the traditional roof, the modern version of the roof is now more simple. The roof only consists of a few levels, making it more economical and easy maintenance. This roof model is often found in modern homes in Japan precisely in parts of the city.

16. Multi-sided Roof

It is a combination roof model of a pyramid roof, where the number of sides of the roof adjusts to the shape of the building that has many sides.

17. Modern Natural Flat Roof

This flat roof type is also suitably combined with natural materials in the facade area. Where will give accent to the building so that it looks more attractive and can further beautify your home.

18. Wooden Flat Roof

This building uses wood as a cover for the building. Some other natural materials also support this naturalist concept so that it is more environmentally friendly and will make your home more natural.

19. Gable Roof

The next roof model is a saddle, this model is the most common in Indonesia. Consists of 2 types, namely the saddle that leads forward and laterally.

20. Tent Roof

The next roof of the house is a tent model. Besides having aesthetic value, this model is also very unique but is still rarely found in Indonesia. Unfavorable weather factors due to high winds that can be dangerous.

Alright friends, maybe that’s enough information that we can provide, hopefully, the designs above can be a reference for those who are looking for the types of roof types for your home. Choose according to your wishes, choose according to your passion so that you can get maximum results.