15 Home Garden Design that you can try to Beautify Your Home

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An attractive minimalist garden is an inspiration for many people who want to have a private garden. But are constrained by the limited space available in their homes.

No matter how small the available space at home. You actually can always turn it into a garden that you want.

The size of the house that is increasingly shrinking also has an impact on the park. There is a small-sized garden, there is not even an area for plants at all. However, you should not be sad because there are some inspirations for the front garden of the house.

Conversely no matter how big the existing space, if you can’t use it, the results will definitely not be maximal.

So that you are not mistaken, let’s refer to the minimalist garden design in the following house to be used as inspiration.

1. The terrace is transformed into the front garden of the house

The park does not always have to be in an open area, even a roofed terrace can be transformed into a garden in front of the house. The trick is not to be dismantle the terrace floor so that it can be planted with flowers, but by placing flower pots on the terrace floor.

In order to look beautiful terrace, choose flowers with large petals and colors that match the exterior of the house. When night the porch lights turn on, the flowers still look beautiful.

2. Garden House Limiting Paths

This garden design is perfect for connecting two separate houses or one room with another room. To be more beautiful and neat, the park should be given a barrier from a concrete wall. You should choose a medium-sized plant but can grow tall enough that at the same time can be used as a shade walker. You can also add beautiful decorations to complement the path.

3. Open Ground Area Model Home Garden

So that the narrow area of the park looks wider and relieved, you can design a garden like this one. The key is that you have to put only puzzles or elephant grass without any plants in the middle of the park.

This grass area will be the right focal point or focal point to make the garden look more spacious. Furthermore, you can add other plants around the grass area to add to the beauty of your garden.

4. Garden in front of the House as a place to relax

After a day of tiring activities of the mind and body, you need a place of escape. Besides relaxing in the bedroom, you can also calm your mind in the middle of the front garden of this house.

Fill your front garden with a variety of your favorite ornamental plants, then put a few chairs to rest, such as patio chairs and long chairs. When you are here, you are guaranteed to be as far away from cities.

5. Waterfall wall with greenery in the front garden of the house

If you have a large enough wall in the garden in front of the house, make a multilevel waterfall like this. Plant several types of greenery around it so that the front garden feels like having a waterfall in the wild. Don’t forget, also add a chaise lounge so that you can relax at the same time in the front garden of this house.

6. Roof Gardening

Still remember the characteristics of a minimalist home? Yes, the roof is not triangular but rather flat. Well, you can enable this flat roof for roof gardening alias the garden on the roof. Enjoy your morning and evening by relaxing on the open roof accompanied by fresh green plants. And you can also relax and enjoy free time there.

7. Garden House Decorate Outdoor Dining Room

This is proof that the small garden can still look magnificent. The key to design such as this beautiful garden image is creativity to utilize space. You can also save space by using a small property.

8. A neat front garden of the house with footpaths

A garden does not always have to be filled with colorful flowers. An expanse of grass like this also has created a beautiful atmosphere. To make it tidier and no grass is stepped on, make a path on the design of your garden. If you want to be a more attractive appearance, you can use colorful natural stones or stones with certain motifs.

9. Home Gardens with Campgrounds

Want to feel the campsite feel at your home? Just copy this garden design! This minimalist garden image is increasingly attractive because it is equipped with benches and campfire containers. You can arrange the front garden or back garden with this design style.

10. Waterfall in the Garden in Front of the House

The front garden of the house must be adjusted using the garden decoration used. Currently available artificial waterfalls in various sizes and levels. Choose the size according to the size of the garden.

Preferably, this waterfall is placed in the corner of the park. In order not to look too crowded and cover up the charm of the waterfall, plant flowers with small petals in various colors. If possible, place garden lights near the pool so that the waterfall will remain charming at night.

11. The Front Garden of the House is integrated with the Living Room

Mini-sized home garden can apparently look broad with a few tricks. One of them is to limit the garden area in front of the house with a family room using glass doors like this. In addition, you can also use the same idea to model a garden in the house you know!

12. Picnic in the midst of a variety of unique pots

If you find it difficult to care for land with loose soil, you can try this alternative. Place all the plants in a variety of unique pots and arrange them together. That way, the park will look very shady and suitable for use as a picnic spot.

13. The Front Garden of the House is simple but still Beautiful

A beautiful garden in front of a house doesn’t always have to be large and has a variety of plants. A number of pots containing brightly colored flowers like this can make a beautiful front garden of the house. If you want you can also put a small pot on the table as a beautiful decoration.

14. Garden in Front of the House with a Pond

Who says only large parks can have a pool? The front garden of the house is also entitled to have a pool. It’s just that you have to pay attention to its size.

Make a pond with your favorite fountain model filled with water and lotus. If it is possible to make an irrigation system, you can keep small fish here, for example making koi ponds.

After the pond is filled, decorate around the pond with colorful flowers. Do not forget to spread small rocks to prevent the soil from becoming muddy due to splashes of pool water.

15. Japanese Garden Front House

Japanese-style gardens are synonymous with grass, trees, bushes, and rocks. This garden-style can be applied to the front garden of the house because the elements are very simple. The atmosphere created by the Japanese garden is very beautiful and peaceful.

Alright friends everyone. Enough to here only the designs that we can share at this time. Stay tune !!