Family Room Design that You can try to Beautify Your Home

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For new families, relaxing moments with family members at home are the most anticipated. One of the right rooms to gather in the family room. Therefore, the decoration of the family room should be made as comfortable as possible despite its small size.

The interior of this family room must not only be adjusted to the overall concept of the house but also be adapted to the needs of each family member. Do not let any family member feel uncomfortable with the interior of the family room.

This interior must also be a complement to the house that can make the house beautiful and attractive. That way the family or the people who live in it become comfortable and enthusiastic about undergoing activities at home. Especially since the outbreak of this coronavirus that makes us safe when in the house.

We have prepared several designs that you might try in your home. Are you curious? Let’s check this out!

1. Modern Style Family Room

In the midst of this modern era, the easiest style to apply is the interior of a modern style family room. This family room is dominated by neutral colors like white and gray. The floor uses wood and carpet to make it warmer.

To save space, use an LED TV that is hung on the wall and make a TV table as a decoration. Then, put a few pots of ornamental plant leaves in the corner of the room so that the interior of the family room is not too crowded.

2. Family Room with a touch of Pink

A small-sized family room will look beautiful and spacious if you use bright colors like white and pink. For those who do not want the interior of this family room to look too flashy, you should use white for the walls and window area. Then use pink as an accent on the upholstery of the sofa or decorative pillows. Not too flashy or girly, right?

3. Family Room Combined with Work Space

Houses that are really limited land is rather difficult to decorate as you wish. To outsmart this, combining two spaces into one area is actually fine. For example, like a family room that is combined with a workspace, or family room together with the dining room.

To limit the area, use the choice of carpet in the interior of the living room while the workspace floor is left to use ceramic only. When gathering in the living room, don’t let the thought of work bother you. Enjoy your family time with ease!

4. Elegant, Eclectic Family Room

Eclectic style can also appear elegant in a tiny family room. In order not to make the interior of the family room look cramped, you can get rid of all kinds of decorations that are usually used in eclectic styles.

Instead, use a sofa or chair with a variety of motifs and eccentric colors. Don’t forget to add a unique-shaped rug. If you are interested in using decorations, you should choose a medium-sized flower vase decoration or exotic nuances of sculpture.

5. Family Room in the Attic

During this time, the attic area is often overlooked and ended up as a storage location for used goods. Even if left unchecked without clear treatment, this attic area can become a nest for rats, become damp, then create an unhealthy environment for family members.

Now, instead of this loft being a comfortable nest for rats, it’s better to be turned into a room for your family. The interior of the family room in this attic area need not be too complicated. Simply place a comfortable sofa, provide adequate lighting, and decorations such as a picture frame or other decoration. You and your family can chat casually or just read a book in this place.

To prevent mice from returning to the attic, routinely also apply methods to expel the mice. Able to use essential oils or bring a mousetrap.

6. Family Room with Shades of Gray

The gray color can create a cool atmosphere so it is suitable for the interior of a small family room that often feels stuffy. So that the atmosphere is not too gloomy, you should use gray on one side of the wall and on the sofa. The rest, apply a combination of bright colors like yellow and white.

7. Simple Family Room

For new families who prioritize the function of the interior of the family room, certainly will not bother when decorating it. The furniture that must exist in this family room is only a coffee table and a soft sofa. The important thing is being together with family members, right?

8. Family Room with Vertical Lines

In the interior world, vertical lines give the illusion of a strong eye in the interior of a small family room, especially those with low ceilings. These vertical lines are believed to make the tiny room look taller than the original.

You can use these vertical lines when selecting wallpaper or wall covering. For maximum results, choose lines with bright colors such as yellow, green, white, and blue. Then match the color with sofa cushions.

9. Minimalist Family Room

Minimalist style family room interior is a favorite of the majority of Indonesian people, especially those who live in small-sized houses. The use of furniture is quite simple, has a clear line without carvings or complicated shapes.

The room will feel more relieved. The colors used in the interior of this minimalist style family room are neutral such as black, white, gray, and sometimes brown. Suitable for all family members.

10. Modern Bohemian Style Family Room

The interior of a family room or modern bohemian style apartment design is suitable for a cheerful and energetic new family. Bright colors will make the interior of the living room more lively.

Some elements that must be presented in a modern bohemian style family room are carpets with tufts at the edges, colorful pillows, throw blankets from synthetic fur, even Mandala tapestry.

Maybe that’s all the designs we can provide at this time. Hopefully, the above design is suitable for those of you who are or want to build a Family room for your home. Keep on waiting for our posts and stay tuned!