60 Stories by Meggie

Health Benefits of A Hot Bath

Sometimes, it is amazing how much benefit we can gain from little things. Taking a hot bath or using a sauna is one of...
10 min read

9 Ways to Make a Half Bath Feel Whole

Even if the Half baths may seem small. The reality is that you can easily save space with such a bath, and you will...
5 min read

7 Guest Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Space Luxurious

Guest Bathroom Ideas – Guest rooms are often multifunctional: for the most time they serve as a simple extra bathroom, but they can also...
5 min read

How to Replace Bathtub Faucet

Replace bathtub faucet – There’s probably an ugly bathtub faucet somewhere around your house or an old bath faucet that’s leaking and doesn’t work...
5 min read

Master Bathroom Floor Plans

Have you thought how do you want your bathroom floor to look like? With the drafts below you can see the possibilities of how...
5 min read

What is the Standard of a Bathroom Vanity Height ?

Bathroom Vanity Height – If you were wondering which is the standard height of a regular bathroom vanity cabinet, that would be 32”, although...
5 min read
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