45 Awesome Ideas for How to Decorate Your Walls (No Matter Your Budget)

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If you’re working to decorate a tiny space, you’re mostly limited by the square footage (or lack thereof). You know what doesn’t take up any of that precious floor space? Wall decor! If you’re in need of some inspiration for what to do with your walls and add to your Pin boards, we rounded up 45 of our favorite ideas right now. Whether it’s with picture ledges or vintage maps, wall sconces or clipboards, these walls are designed to inspire—and drool over.

1. Hang Potted Wall Plants

Wall-mounted planters are a great greenery solution for the plant lover with little space. Here, Jessica Sirls created a sleek and space-savvy succulent garden above her bed with just a handful of them.

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2. Fashion a Flashy Wall Hanging

Sometimes a bold piece of wall decor is all you need to bring character and visual interest to a room. Find a flashy wall hanging, or better yet, make your own à la A Beautiful Mess, and add some color and texture to an otherwise empty wall.

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3. Hang up Your Faves

Jenny Komenda knows a thing or two about stylish and storage-friendly wall decor. Inside her Arizona home featured on Domino, the Little Green Notebookblogger opted to hang up her guitar collection with wall-mounted storage hooks.

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4. Hang up Your Hat(s)

Storage hooks aren’t just for hanging umbrellas (or guitars, as seen above). A handful of wall hooks—self-adhesive ones work great for renters—can turn an empty wall into a sophisticated way to store your hats, just like this wall of hats in the studio of textile artist Jane Denton on SF Girl by Bay.

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5. Cover a Wall in Corkboard

Whether you’re looking for a functional way to hang up photos or fashion a mood board in your home office space, a corner wall covered in cork (like this one from Coco Lapine) is the perfect place to play with visuals.

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6. Picture Ledges for a Change

Searching for a stylish way to store (and show off) some of your most treasured objects? Pictures ledges are surprisingly affordable and instantly turn your beloved baubles (like this wall of cameras on Alt for Damerne) into works of art.

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7. Show off Your Books

Love the look of a well-styled bookshelf but so over your bulky bookcase? Mountable ledges (like these from House & Home) and shelves work wonders in a small space and allow you to show off books magazine-style.

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8. Paint a Wall Motif with Paint Pens

Looking for a fun design project to do over a rainy weekend? Grab a couple of pieces of cardboard and paint pens and stencil your own statement wall just like Laura on A Beautiful Mess did.

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9. Dried Flowers FTW

Even when they’re dried up, flowers can look beautiful on a bare wall. Don’t believe us? Just take a peek at designer Ulla Johnson’s daughter’s dried floral wall display on Domino, and you’ll think twice about throwing out your dead flowers in the future.

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10. Crates for Days

For as simple as they are, wooden crates can form an insanely chic wall display. Case in point: this wall of wooden storage crates in a Connecticut coffee shop featured on West Elm’s blog, which offers plenty of storage opportunity (but still looks just as good when empty).

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11. Calendar Wall

A large Lucite calendar turns a blank wall into a handy organizational tool without sacrificing an inch of style (as seen in a French-inspired LA home tour).

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12. Lean In (with Art)

Don’t have the time (or energy) to hang up all your favorite artwork? Simply lean your art against a wall with a floating shelf or picture ledge (like this wall of art on Desert Domicile) to create a streamlined display that’s easy to install.


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13. Make a Statement Ceiling

While this is a post about wall decor, we implore you not to forget your ceiling and consider it an additional surface you can decorate. Oft overlooked but still oozing with design potential, statement ceilings are a stylish way to turn a ceiling into a room’s centerpiece. Fashion your own with paint or wallpaper (like we saw in Violeta’s house call) and make a big interior statement with your ceiling.

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14. String Light Magic

A couple sets of string lights can turn a blank wall into a magical scene in seconds. You can even use mini clothespins to hang up photos on your string lights (à la Urban Outfitters’ blog) for a more personalized lighting scheme.

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15. Make a Magnetic Wall

Cook up a stylish yet kid-proof play space with this magnetic wall DIY we spotted on A Cup of Jo.

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16. Lean a Mirror

Lean a large-scale mirror against a narrow or short ledge, like this mirror on a fireplace mantel we spotted on The Everygirl, to open up a cramped space.

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17. Map it Out

An oversize vintage map, like this one from Helen’s home tour, fills an oddly shaped wall with color and character in no time.

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18. Put a Mural On It

Turn a blank wall into a focal piece with a graphic wall mural (like this one from Nic and Andrew’s home tour. Wallpapered ones are all over the web, and if you’re a renter, fret not: removable ones look just as cool.

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19. Score Some Storage

No room in your tiny kitchen to store all your pots and pans? Turn a sliver of a wall into a streamlined storage display with a few hanging rails, like these copper ones from Zan’s home tour.

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20. Try a Vertical Garden

Turn an empty wall into a full-blown vertical garden with this leather-and-wood trellis DIY courtesy of Vintage Revivals.

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21. Consider a Wall Sconce

Wall sconces are a fashionable way to brighten up a light-deprived area of your home. Mount a pair on either side of your bed in place of bulky table lamps, or employ a single swanky sconce (like this hanging one from Ashley’s home tour) for a sleek but functional reading light.

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22. Off the Grid

Attach a wall grid panel to a narrow wall, just like Hello Lidy did in her family room, and score loads of unexpected storage space. Plus, it looks pretty cool.

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23. Go Faux Brick

Love the look of exposed brick but stuck working with drywall? Brick-inspired wallpaper, like we saw in Hetty’s home tour, is all over the web and looks just as good as the real deal.

the most amazing wall to wall decor #DIY #Hanging #Ideas #Living

24. Build a Gallery Wall

A salon-style art display, like this eclectic gallery wall from a home tour on Apartment Therapy, is a space-savvy way to bring some color into your living room and instantly livens up a white room without overwhelming the rest of space.

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25. Clip it Up

If you’re dying for a gallery wall but don’t have the budget for a bunch of picture frames, you might want to consider a more creative option, like this one we found on Better Homes & Gardens. A grid of clipboards does the trick without pricey frames or matting necessary.

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26. Bold & Beautiful

Who needs a whole gallery wall when you can focus on just one big colorful work of art? A bold abstract piece, like this one we spotted on Style Curator, infuses a white wall with more than enough color and character.

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27. DIY Big Art

We love a good IKEA hack and this large-scale painting from customer Anna Lenskog Belfrage is no exception. With nothing more than a piece of NATTGLIM fabric and frame, she used her imagination to create her own commanding piece of wall artwork on the cheap.

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28. Printed Matters

Fashion designer Rebecca Taylor’s office on Domino is a study in mixed prints. She uses the black backdrop of her bold floral wallpaper to draw together the other patterns in the room, and winds up creating a surprisingly subdued (albeit print-filled) space.

the biggest scret wall room divider ideas #DIY #Hanging #Ideas #Living

29. Look to Wall Baskets

Who knew wall baskets (you know, the hand-woven kind your grandmother used to buy at garage sales) could make such charming wall decor in modern-day interiors? Clearly Lita Lee and Mike Martin, who on their Apartment Therapy home tour showed us that a salon-style installation of wall baskets can look every bit as chic as traditional artwork.

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30. Brighten the Corners

Not sure how to decorate a cramped living room corner? Cover the walls with a bold wallpaper or an eye-catching work of art, like we saw on Sarah’s home tour, and turn an unused area into a unique design statement.

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31. Tape it Up

Like the clipboards idea seen earlier, here’s another way to get the gallery wall look without the price of frames (and without having to put holes in your walls). Use washi tape to create your own frames, like these we spotted on Design*Sponge, for a moveable and reusable mini gallery wall; no hammer and nails necessary.

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32. Pick a Cool Pair

A pair of colorful large-scale photographs with a breezy subject, like these summer-themed photos we spotted on Style Me Pretty, create visual interest without comprising the room’s chill vibes.

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33. Make an Entrance

When paired with an interesting light fixture, a flashy work of art turns a standard entry wall into a bright and stylish foyer in seconds, like we saw in James and Kurt’s home tour.

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34. Get 3-D

This vibrant DIY 3D Geometric Paper Sculpture we spotted on MAKE:’s YouTube channel, brings a burst of color and texture to any space.

ultimate wall of art #DIY #Hanging #Ideas #Living

35. Chalk it Up

A coat of chalkboard paint turns an empty kitchen wall into an engaging space for your friends and family to congregate, like we saw in Tina Wilson’s home tour.

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36. Black-and-White is Always Nice

Fashion a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall (just like Brady Tolbert did on Emily Henderson’s blog) with nothing but black-and-white images for a clean-lined display that feels classic but contemporary.

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37. Pegboards, Please

Pegboards are a storage gift that keeps on giving. Not only can you hang just about anything on them, most mount straight to your wall (like we saw on Beautyfull Blog) for some space-savvy storage opportunity. And now that IKEA’s on, well, board, there’s really no excuse to not peg up your place.

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38. Hook it Up

When you’re stuck living in a small space, more vertical storage the merrier. Take a cue from Mandi at A Beautiful Mess and DIY your own stylish wall hooks to devise a proper entryway in your tiny apartment.

the most stunning wall hangings for the living room #DIY #Hanging #Ideas #Living

39. Rethink Your Floorcoverings

This one is a bit unconventional, but smaller rugs (especially some that are vintage and maybe too delicate for floors) are a marvelous way to bring a large-scale focal point to a room. Here, in a bedroom by Emily Henderson, a rougher-textured round sisal rug totally works in contrast with the bright, clear colors surrounding it.

the most awesome wall hangings for living room #DIY #Hanging #Ideas #Living

40. All Natural

A single tree branch, like this we saw on My Scandinavian Home, brings a touch of drama to a frameless bed without compromising the space’s Scandi-style scheme.

the incridible wall hangings for drawing room #DIY #Hanging #Ideas #Living

41. Simple but Sophisticated

A simple line of evenly spaced (and cohesively colored) artwork, like this receding gallery wall framed by symmetrical sconces we saw on Jess Goodwin’s home tour, is sometimes all you need to shape a design-forward scene at home.

the biggest scret wall hangings for bedroom #DIY #Hanging #Ideas #Living

42. Make a Mini-Nook

Turn an awkward wall into a cozy nook by fashioning a small mood board above a comfy place to sit, like this pretty pink niche we spotted on SF Girl by Bay.

amazing wall hanging painting ideas #DIY #Hanging #Ideas #Living

43. Beyond the Headboard

No room (or budget) for a headboard? No problem. Fun textiles, like these colorful scarves we spotted in Catherine’s home tour, take up just as much wall space, but hardly cost a thing.

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44. DIY Wall Shelf

Love the look of floating shelves but can’t drill a ton of holes in your wall? This Easy Hanging Rope Shelf DIY from A Beautiful Mess is sturdy enough to store your beloved books and baubles and hangs from just two hooks.

awesome wall hanging ideas for living room #DIY #Hanging #Ideas #Living

45. Mix Mediums

For an eclectic living room look that doesn’t cost a fortune, simply hang up some of your favorite objects salon-style, like Kristen and Mike did with their mask collection in their home tour, for an unconventional (but super personalized) wall display.

source : www.apartmenttherapy.com