34 Boho & Eclectic Decorating Ideas

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Bold Hues

Southwestern prints, feathers, and macramé are hallmarks of boho style. While throwing all of these elements together could be overwhelming, they work well here as vibrant accents in a mostly-white bedroom.
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Outdoors In

This living room is a case study in boho style: the oversized plant, rope chairs, tree stump side tables, quirky wall hanging, and velvet sofa work in concert, amplified by the floor-to-ceiling windows that seemingly bring more greenery into the space
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Arts & Crafts

This kids’ room, created in the nook of a converted attic, gets its decor moments in the form of colorful textiles and inviting kid-made god’s eye, wall hanging, and pom-pom crafts.
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Jungalow Style

Move boho onto the patio with some style tricks from the queen of Jungalow style, Justina Blakeney. Large-scale tropical plants, colorful throw pillows with suzani, ikat, and other global prints, and vibrant glass lanterns add island intrigue to an outdoor space.
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Take a Trip

A family’s travels to India inspired the decor in this nursery. The inlaid dresser is a work of art in and of itself, not to mention the treasures displayed on top of it. Indian textile prints grace the crib bedding, while the mobile suspended above is made from traditional Indian garlands.
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Geo-rgeous Motifs

Geometric patterns can often skew ultra-modern, but here the motifs in the vintage wall hanging and colorful pillows lean more global chic.
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Treasure Trove

This unique, pyramid-shaped shelving unit creates the perfect display case for ceramics, books, miniature plants, and more decorative treasures—and is a work of art in and of itself.
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Hanging Out

This rustic desert pergola gets a pièce de résistance in the form of an oh-so-boho hanging chair. We dream about curling up in it with a book for hours on end.
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Earthy Curator

We love this boho take on a gallery wall, which curates wall art and knick-knacks in a rustic, neutral palette.
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Work the Walls

The printed wallpaper and bamboo-framed mirrors give these walls a luxe exotic look, while the woven pendant light adds a touch of boho drama.
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A Trip to the Coast

Maybe it’s the crochet-hemmed curtains and macramé hanging planters, or possibly the nap-ready daybed, but this living space has got some seriously beachy boho vibes.
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Color Story

The gold leaf print-inspired curtains and rich textiles on the bed play up the global theme of this girl’s bedroom, while the books organized by color add a rainbow of visual interest to the space.
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Not Your Grandma’s Curtains

Macramé and crochet are back in a big way, but in soft, neutral palettes and modern shapes, like this full-size, pom pom-embellished crochet curtain that provides a delicate yet impactful frame for a window.
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Sweet Dreams

Rattan instantly evokes an exotic, rustic vibe. This bed frame adds a warm tone to the room’s simple palette.
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Mix Master

Don’t be afraid to take risks with pattern mixing in your home decor. Here, ’70s-inspired floral wallpaper plays nicely with the hot pink flowers and birds on the bedding, while the quirky pillow in a bold palette creates a focal point.
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Warm Neutrals

Boho style often utilizes an earthy, neutral palette. This living room keeps the neutral tones warm and makes clever use of texture through the layered rugs, throw pillows, faux sheepskin throws, and leather poufs.
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Artful Accent

While a black-and-white palette typically skews modern, the colorful textiles of the throw pillows interrupt it in a striking way. The scenic desert mural backdrop adds a touch of nature to the space, too.
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Summer Camp

For camp-inspired outdoor decor (that would work just as well inside), hang vintage quilts and layer DIY god’s eyes in bold colors on top. The look is simultaneously nostalgic and boho-contemporary.
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Desert Detour

From the Southwestern-inspired skull mounted on the wall to the rattan chairs adorned with faded striped pillows, this space masterfully balances rustic with luxurious
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Out of Africa

The leather poufs, exotic console, and iron lantern give this living room a modern-meets-Moroccan look.
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Texture on the Wall

For a modern take on wall art, hang a rug or vintage textile. We love the delicately Southwestern aesthetic and faded desert palette of this area rug, which plays well in a neutral room
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All-Ages Playhouse

A backyard tipi is a free-spirited place to have fun at any age. This one has been spruced up for grownup lounging and entertaining, with textiles and decor from around the globe.
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Tiny Touches

This compact Airstream home doesn’t have much space to work with, but it gets boho style subtly layered in in the form of a hanging plant, graphic textiles, and a triangle-shaped display piece for small treasures.
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Have a Seat

This light and airy living room is made all-the-more inviting by a generously sized floor cushion and the stunning vintage woven chair that beg for long, casual lounging sessions.
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Embrace the Ethnic Eclectic

You can go for an electic scheme that doesn’t stray into hodgepodge terrirtory by using a connecting thread of color, tone, or shape. In this living room, floral fabrics mingle with graphic prints, and Moroccan and Mexican accessories with midcentury furniture. All are linked by a ’70s palette.

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Highlight Your Heirlooms

An orange pendant lamp, blue rug, and heirlooms, such as a macramé planter and ceramic pot made by the homeowner’s mother, give this dining room a vintage feel. Posters from the 1950’s and ’60s underscore the vibe.

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Get a Beach-House Look

Love the beach-house aesthetic but don’t live near the ocean? Fake it with this fun idea. A Craigslist find, this drift boat was reinvented as a sofa. The new owners added a fresh coat of white, cut away one side, and inserted a foam mattress. Instead of cutting off the leftover rope, they coiled it into a floor mat.

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Create an Anchor

With its well-made, classic form, a Danish heirloom bookshelf unit anchors the room and serves as a great foundation for the collections on display. The ceramic and glass objects, and the statement wall, add personality.

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Tropical Sanctuary

Love Southeast Asia, but can’t afford a trip this year? Skip the pricey plane fare and invest in a backyard Bali of your own. A patio becomes a lush tropical lanai without breaking the bank.

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Foreign Affairs

For daily reminders of your most memorable journeys, you can curate an enchanting collection of far-flung souvenirs.

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Bring on the Whimsy

Blends heirloom and global finds for an eclectic look. Whimsical items such as this reclaimed-wood swing are instant conversation pieces.