30 Elegant Living Room Colour Schemes

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Living room designs and ideas are anchored by its colour scheme. The right use of colours and its combinations dictates the success of the decoration and styling. Sometimes, you can do away with decors and only need colours. The colour scheme contributes a lot to the first impression of your living room, and of your entire home.

Here are 30 of the most elegant and timeless colour schemes recommended for living rooms. See if you can find one for your next upgrade;

1.       Traditional White and Navy

Cool, chic, truly a classic. The deep royal blue tone perfectly accentuates the crisp brightness of white. No wonder, this colour scheme has been an enduring favourite.

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2.       Magnificent Magenta

The electric colour defines the room! Tone down fittings and decors to minimal. Extra trimmings will just clutter a brightly charged room.

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3.       Rustic Elements

This is an outdoorsman’s living room. Wood, sheepskin, natural fibres capture the spirit of the outdoors. While the clean lines, plain walls, and natural colours give the room its modern look.

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4.       Pretty Pastels

Light pastels are becoming popular additions to the contemporary neutral colours of minimalism. Add pastel touches to the sombre tones of your living room to achieve this pretty, welcoming, and elegant style.

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5.       Emerald and White

Can’t get enough of the sultry tropics? Bring in the rich lush tropical colours to your living room. This emerald living room scheme is splendid and stunning without the tackiness.

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6.       Dramatic Black and Grey

The minimalist living room designs are also tend to be the timeless styles. Keep your colours neutral and décor to minimal. This black and grey living room will never go out of style.

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7.       Browns and Tans

The warm and welcoming earth tones of this living room create a calming air, a haven you will never want to leave. Comfortable and relaxing, elegant and beautiful.

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8.       Cool Charcoal and Teal

Add perky colours of the ocean to the cool and neutral grey. This seaside inspired living room design is elegantly subdued, absolutely refreshing, and comes with that undeniable touch of drama.

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9.       Bursts of Orange

There is nothing like generous pops of orange to perk up a room. Upgrade your bland modern living room design by tastefully adding bright colourful touches.

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10.   Luxurious Marble and Gold

Luxury done elegantly. Marble wall feature, gold centre tables, and fur. Simply gorgeous!

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11.   Calming Sea Hues

Seascape themes and sea colours are longstanding favourites for living room designs and ideas. The interesting wall mirror décor completes this graceful, calm, and beautiful room.

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12.   Modern White and Grey

You can never go wrong with the grey and white combination for your living room. Perk up the elegant colour scheme with splashes of bright details. Red, blue, yellow, or orange décors will give the room its character.

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13.   Nordic Greys and Blues

The Nordic style of upbeat minimalism is favoured everywhere. You can re-create this bright room in your own home. White walls, grey furnishings, and lots of adorable blue details.

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14.   Bright and Yellow

This stylish living room contrived to put yellow and elegant together. The bright perky hue is not easy to incorporate into the formality of a living room. This design shows it’s possible and dazzling too!

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15.   Earth Tones

Keep with the basics. Earth, wind, and fire. The cool earth tones, natural earth patterns, and element inspirations make this room elegantly timeless.

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16.   Forest Greens

The rich emerald and gold combination of this living room is so luxurious and captivating. A room with faultless style, confidence and fierceness.

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17.   Blush Pinks

Pink shades are hot, beautiful, and versatile. Combine cool blush, light, or dusky rose with white or grey for a pretty and demure room. Go for fuchsia, magenta, or hot pink with black and you have a Goth princess room.

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18.   Coastal Living Room

You don’t have to live in a coastal house to have this timelessly beautiful living room. Use sea and sand tones to create your own coastal living room.

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19.   Darker Shades of Blue

Deeper and darker shades are favoured because of their mysterious and elegant looks. This dark blue living room is beautiful as it is sophisticated.

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20.   Minty Shades

Light, airy, and minty cool. The simplicity of this living room – minimised frills and plain everything, is its elegance.

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21.   Aubergine and Green

The combination of rich and royal shades of aubergine and celadon green make one elegant living room. Balance the rich colours with white or light grey.

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22.   Tangerine, Tan, and Turquoise

Bright and sunny, and still tastefully beautiful. The happy clutter of colours and textures reminds you of a charming cottage – cosy, crowded, pets, and gardens. Just lovely.

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23.   Rich Browns

This rich concoction of brown shades gives the room an air of down-to-earth opulence. The patterns are beautifully rustic in a grand way. You will never want to change anything in this room.

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24.   White and Bright

Clean and stimulating, white and bright. This room uses white and light tones, giving it its vividness. Bright spots of greens, pinks, and golds provide its stunning element.

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25.   Warm Neutrals

Neutral colours are best for timeless and elegant living room designs. Adding spots of brighter hues like the green and pink in this living room gives the room interesting and cheer up points.

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26.   Orange Palette

Dare to go bright and warm? This fascinating and warm desert orange palette can chase all the blues away! Just remember, if you’re going to use a lot of bright colours, keep it dusky and toned down so as not to overwhelm the room.

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27.   Charming Floral Blues

This is another living room design you can keep forever. The dainty flower prints and soft blue accents on white is a classic. Your grandmother loved it, and your granddaughter will!

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28.   Vivid Jewel Collection

Wow! This fabulous living room uses jewel tones – quartz, amethyst, and sapphire, to create its magnificent air. Notice the ordinary furnishings, turned mesmerising by the magical use of colours.

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29.   Modern Black and White

Elegant and sophisticated. Timeless, as it is modern. Effortlessly formal and casually cool.

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30.   Colours of Summer

Chase the winter blues with the brightest, most cheerful and summery of all living room designs and ideas. Large windows and glass details add to the roomy and open air.

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Do you have any elegant, stunning, and beautiful living designs, ideas, and colour schemes to add? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!

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