15 Home Window Design that might be suitable as a reference for Your Home

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Who does not want to have a house with the current model? Having a house with a modern design can certainly make you comfortable and feel at home in it. Trendy house design can be seen from various aspects, one of which is the window.

Choosing a window design is not easy. You need to consider several things such as the size of the house to the materials needed. In addition to beautifying the house, the window also serves to smooth the air in the house.

Therefore, a beautiful window design in terms of architecture must also be able to function like air ventilation.

So, what are the window design ideas for today’s homes that remain functional? Come on, see some of the designs that we have collected below!

1. Stationary Window

Window with a stationary window design is usually suitable for minimalist style house. Besides being unable to be opened, the concept of this window can still beautify the house because of its simple design but contemporary style. However, you should consider the air ducts of the house because these types of windows cannot be opened.

2. Picture Window

Same but not similar, this type of window has a wider size than the stationary window and cannot be opened or closed. Installation of this type of window will make the house look spacious and beautiful especially if there are interesting views outside.

However, this window is more suitable to be installed on the 2nd floor, so that the activities we do are not seen by people outside the home. The advantage you get from this design window is the lighting from natural light, the sun.

3. Awning Window

Awning window is made to let rain water slide on the window opening. Usually this type of window has a bottom that can be opened so that water droplets are visible from the inside.

Window mounting with this design is mostly installed in garages, cabins, or other places where ventilation and privacy are more important than aesthetics. However, this awning window model is very typical for today’s home style.

4. Accent Window

Accent window is a type of window design that also cannot be opened. Therefore, the quality of air ventilation cannot be considered an advantage. However, you can design this window into any shape such as a quarter circle or other rare shapes. The house will look unique with a design that cannot be done with other types of windows.

5. Double-Hung Window

The double-hung window is a window design that can be opened vertically. You can open the bottom or the top easily. This window is suitable for you who want to have good air ventilation and like the traditional feel. For some people, this window design is said to be unique and suitable for small spaces because it takes up less space. This window is also suitable for you who like things that are simple and minimalist.

6. Jalousie Window

Jalousie windows or louvered windows are made of several layers of glass and are usually installed in a room overlooking a terrace with a sunny situation or various beautiful gardens.

This type of window is practically practical and has an efficient closing mechanism. You can use it to make your room more beautiful and beautify your home. The shape is unique and beautiful, making your room more beautiful.

7. Sliding Window

Sliding windows are always the preferred choice because of the ease of mobility and economical space. You don’t need to swing it because it can be shifted horizontally, so it doesn’t take up space when opened and doesn’t require a lot of energy to open it. The sliding window design can also make a house more classy because it is different from other types of windows.

8. Single-Hung Window

Almost the same as double-hung window, single-hung window also has a hinge in the middle and can be shifted horizontally. The difference is, only one side can be opened and of course this makes your room a little spacious than before.

Single-hung windows are cheaper than the double-hung version, but they are still distinctive and function well to facilitate air circulation in the home.

9. Casement Window

This window design has a hinge mounted on the side of the window, so it can be opened as wide as possible. At present, besides being economical, casement windows have various functions such as wind resistant and multipoint locking systems.

10. Transom Window

Transom window design is a design with a combination of several window designs. This window can be rectangular, square, round, elliptical, and other shapes.

Transom window is suitable to be installed in a large area of the room, so that enough window space. This window is also usually located above the door to increase lighting entering the room.

11. Hopper Window

The hopper window places the hinges on the bottom so that when opened the window will face upward. Although not suitable for the living room, but this type of window is suitable for basements and garages.

One disadvantage of this window is that when it rains splashing water can pool in the window and it certainly can wet the entire room in it. Despite all the weaknesses, this window is still cock for you who want to beautify your room and house.

12. Garden Window

A garden window is a type of indoor window that looks like a glass box with shelves for plants and plants. Because the size is not too big, this type of window is suitable to be installed in a dining area, kitchen, or even a bathroom to add a fresh feel.

This window can give a beautiful feel to your room. Its unique and simple form makes it one of the designs we chose. This window is suitable for those of you who have a room or house that is not too big.

13. Skylight Window

Skylights are the best solution from the aesthetic aspect. This design window is usually installed at the top of the house precisely on the ceiling. This window can make us see the sky outside. Therefore this sky is suitable for you who like to pay attention to the state of the sky.

Not only does it produce natural light, but it also offers amazing sky views. The window is very suitable for your personal space or workspace because the resulting scene will make your heart relax while working.

14. Wall Window

Exactly as the name suggests, wall windows are made to replace walls that are usually made of concrete. Wall windows can function as a separator of internal space, or ‘covers’ external in various sizes and shapes that offer beautiful outdoor views.

However, the selection of glass quality is decisive and is not suitable for the installation of the first floor, because the activities of the occupants of the house will be seen from the outside. You should choose a glass that is not visible from the outside but clearly visible from the inside so that your activities are not exposed to the outside world.

15. Bow Window

Bow windows are designed to provide a broader view of the park or the road outside. Typically, these windows combine four or more casement windows, which combine to form an arch.

All bow windows are specially designed to fit your home and the views around your home. You can spend your free time looking at the view from behind this window.

And those are some of the window designs that we can provide for you. Hopefully these designs can be an inspiration for you who want to build a new home. Stay tuned for our home design designs, see you!