12 Beautiful Design of Balcony that makes Your Home more Beautiful

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A balcony is a place that can be used to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset or sunrise. Nowadays, balconies are very common in our society. The balcony has become like a need that must be met when you build a house. This balcony can also be used as a gathering place for families and jest with them.

Generally, the balcony is located on the top floor of a building or house. Because of its location which is above it, it makes us who are relaxing on balconies exposed to a gentle breeze that can make us comfortable being there.

On this occasion, we have collected various kinds of balcony designs. This design is a design that we chose by ourselves and is a design that can beautify your home. Without the need to linger longer, let’s just get over it. Let’s go !!!

1. Concrete Balcony

A minimalist balcony made of concrete material is the most popular type of balcony in the whole country. Because the construction is easy and fast. As the name suggests, a concrete balcony has a barrier made of a mixture of concrete dough. This dough is sometimes combined with other materials such as brick, ceramic or natural stone. To maximize this balcony to look minimalist, you can use it as extra storage space for large potted plants. And you can also put additional sofas on the balcony.

2. Minimalist Wooden Balcony

Brown color on wood is not always identical with rustic design. Balconies that have a dominant wooden accent can also look minimalist. To impress a minimalist effect, mix wood material with wire railings or stainless steel. Then, fill your balcony with simple and simple furniture so the room looks more elegant. However, make sure you limit the furniture on the balcony so that your place to relax looks more spacious, like the main concept of minimalism. A beautiful balcony is ready to make your day enjoyable.

3. Wooden Balcony in the middle of The City

This time the balcony is located in the middle of the city. This balcony is mostly made of wood and very natural. Coupled with trees, making this balcony feel more natural. This design is perfect for you who want to relax and unwind after work. The breeze can make your mind relaxed and comfortable.

4. Minimalist Glass Balcony

A balcony built using glass as the main material is the most appropriate choice. The characteristics of transparent and sleek glass can support a minimalist look that is simple and modern. Glass material is not usually used as a railing as a whole, but is assisted by other materials such as steel, iron wire, wood or concrete to make it more sturdy. With transparent glass, we can look out without having to go far to come. The design is perfect for those of you who love futuristic and elegant designs.

5. Minimalist Balcony with Garden Nuances

At home don’t have land to make a garden? Move it to the balcony of your house! Yes, you can also decorate a balcony into an artificial garden like this one design. Plants that you plant can be diverse, like ornamental plants in pots, vines, rare flowers, just anything that can make the balcony look like a small forest. If you want, you can also replace the balcony floor with synthetic grass so that the balcony of your house looks more beautiful like this one. By displaying plants on the balcony, your home will not only look elegant but also fresh and livelier!

6. Balcony with Plants

This one balcony is almost the same as the previous balcony. There are many plants in this balcony. It’s just that laying plants does not eliminate the concept of the balcony itself. These plants make the balcony atmosphere beautiful and cool. With this plant, it can make our tired minds become fresh and clean. You can put any type of plant. But must be diligent in caring for him, if you do not eat the plant will die and wither.

7. Balcony as a Canopy Downstairs

designing a multi-function balcony, like a balcony as well as a canopy for the terrace below, as well as a point of interest in front of the building. Balconies look unique with vertical stripes on balustrade/balcony railings, in contrast to other parts of the wall which are patterned brown. With a little creativity, this balcony will truly be a luxurious and beautiful balcony.

8. Balcony with Beautiful Lighting

Again, the balcony becomes the main element in the building’s facade. Atelier Cosmas Gozali even emphasizes it by displaying beautiful and cool lighting on the balcony. The turquoise color on the 2nd-floor balcony lighting system looks beautiful and clearly visible just above the fence line. The resulting light makes this balcony more charming. Make this balcony exotic.

9. Roofed Balcony

The architect really made the balcony as the main mass that dominated the overall design of the IPCW Residence building. Even the size of the balcony and roof that shelter is made bigger and taller than other parts. This balcony is one of the most common balconies found everywhere. Its strategic location, makes this balcony more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

10. Balcony as Part of the Room in the House

Again, the architect of the balcony introduces another idea in designing the balcony. Unlike most balconies that protrude outward and hang, Rumah Bahasa actually opens the interior and functions as a balcony. With this, the balcony will not require too much space. Only use a portion of the empty space in the house. This design is suitable for those of you who have a small or minimalist home design.

11. Balcony with a Tropical Design

With an elegant appearance made of simple wood, the balcony fence of House F is very cool for this tropical style luxury home. The exposed wood character brings out the natural side of luxury. With the many plants and also beautiful, making the topic feel very pronounced.

12. Modern Natural Balcony Design

Having a balcony of a natural house is not only by using wood materials and using various plant decorations. Applying the site is grass can also give a natural impression that is not less good on the balcony. Combine with outdoor furniture with materials such as synthetic rattan that will provide a good spatial composition.

Okay friends, that’s all for our designs. Hopefully the design we gave earlier can help you to decorate your home. Choose according to your wishes and according to your heart. See you in the next design. Stay tuned !!!