11 Tips for Children’s Playroom Design at home

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Narrow room that is not used in your house can be transformed into a children’s playroom! Check out tips on building a playroom for the narrow house below!

No need to worry your child does not have a playroom just because your house is less spacious.

Because in fact, the play room also does not have to be as large as a public playground.

A good children’s playroom is a space that can free your children to play safely as well as a place to educate them like the principle of “playing while learning”.

Playroom that is too large often looks empty, and when filled with a variety of toys of various sizes …

So, don’t wait anymore. C’mon, just take a peek at our children’s play room inspiration below:

1. Playground in a Creative Corner that is not complicated

This children’s play room inspiration is super simple and you can practice it directly in the corner of the house. Only by presenting a low-level shelf, this simple children’s playroom can still look neat at any time. Cool again, enough to accent a line-shaped house with stickers, this children’s playroom has an adorable effect for anyone who sees. Do not forget, a baby crib is placed when your child is too absorbed in playing to sleep.

2. DIY Decoration Playroom on Home Furniture

No need to bother or pay handsomely for a simple children’s playroom. Sometimes from the existing conditions, only a DIY touch is needed for the fun impression you’re looking for. The inspiration of this children’s playroom presents cheerful colors on furniture which is coupled with special matching wall decorations for children. The addition of mini children’s tables and chairs can be optional or not absolute, but certainly the price does not need to be exorbitant if held.

3. Kid-Friendly Balcony for Outdoor Ambience

Living in an apartment or small house doesn’t mean you can’t have a simple children’s playroom. This one inspiration conjured up an area of several tile floors adjoining the terrace balcony. Eits, make no mistake, first minimize the things that can cause danger by limiting the balcony trellis with a blackboard. Also get rid of other dangerous potential and add a small tent as a privacy space with an outdoor atmosphere.

4. Family Room and Children’s Playroom

Presenting a simple children’s playroom can be as easy as putting the right decorations and furniture. The inspiration for this one children’s playroom comes with minimalist high furniture, a carpet with flamingo accents, and additional cheerful colorful seats. There is almost no difference between family rooms and children’s play rooms, but this effective transition actually makes every family member more comfortable at home.

5. Flannelette for Unlimited Imagination

This simple children’s play room inspiration only requires a piece of plain wall, flannelette and double-sided tape for unlimited creative ideas. Children can freely play according to the theme and mood, then glued to the wall for canvas in a simple children’s playroom that is efficient. Interested in trying? Just make it right away!

6. The Most Comfortable Reading Corner

For a simple and affordable children’s playroom, just work around the remaining corners in the house. Create a comfortable reading angle by presenting large cushions, special wall shelves for books, and providing rugs for the most ideal play mat. It does not need a large space to create this reading room, but it is guaranteed to be effective to make your favorite child sit comfortably while immersed in the world of reading and playing.

7. Focus on Storage, Neat & Stay Fun

The inspiration for this children’s playroom answers two important needs at once: storage space and children’s playroom that is not expensive. Parents certainly know, one of the biggest challenges is maintaining the neatness of the playroom. So, the children’s playroom strategy that focuses on the cute colorful storage area seems to be tried immediately.

8. Take advantage of the wall for the built-in toy rack

No need to buy a toy cupboard if the room is too small. Even though there are so many children’s toys, work out the storage area well. Leave the center of the room empty and vacant so your little one is free to move.

Leave the toy rack design open. Your child will be easier to see and take the toys they want. In addition, the risk of the rack door slamming to damage will be reduced if it is not installed at all.

9. Mix a combination of monochromatic and colorful with a slick

Children’s playroom doesn’t necessarily have to be full of cheerful colors. To outsmart the impression of more spacious space, play with a mixture of black and white and colorful combinations.

For example: let the walls and built-in shelves remain white, while the baby’s toys must be colorful. Another alternative is to give a little black in some places, such as blackboard on one wall, round table legs, to the floor or pillow patterned with black and white stripes.

10. Make an interesting theme

Although children’s play space in the apartment is limited, don’t run out of ideas. Make an interesting theme so that children do not easily play in it.

For example: the theme of a tree house. You can add one built-in floor just above the floor of the room, then make the steps like a wooden ladder on a real tree house. In fact, the pillars of the playroom can also be designed like a tree trunk, so that your child really feels like being in the open.

In fact, there are still many ideas for children’s playroom design for the apartment. However, the most important is the desire of the child. You may have many ideas, but also consider their comfort and safety.

11. Maximize the navy blue color for an impression

The playroom in this apartment is more suitable for girls who have started school. Navy blue wall and bookshelf designs look timeless. Children may still like the design of this playroom when they are teenagers.

You can put a collection of children’s books and toys on the shelves available. Some bottom shelves might be made a little bigger to hold dolls or plastic containers filled with their other toys. If there is a dollhouse, place it near the window.

For the center of the room, also place a table and small chairs. Your child can while studying and doing homework there.

Okay so that’s some tips and ideas that we can give this time. Hopefully it can be useful and inspiring for all of you. Keep waiting for our designs. Stay tune !!!