100 Stunning Master Bedroom Design Ideas

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  • Decorating a Beautiful Master Bedroom


    amazing 83 modern master bedroom design ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    McCroskey Interiors

    Whether your room is small or large, whether you prefer a casual or a formal decorating style, whether you fancy the newest trends or the tried-and-true classics: your master bedroom should be your favorite space in your home. After all, where else do you get to be completely, absolutely yourself? If you’re wondering how to create the master bedroom of your dreams (like the stunning space from McCroskey Interiors shown here), here are all the tips, tricks and inspirational photos you’llMORE

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    Dark Wood Walls

    inspiring 4 room master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Jeff Andrews Design

    Mix together an Old-World-inspired traditional vibe, a contemporary sensibility, and a dose of masculine flavor, and you end up with this stunning bedroom from Jeff Andrews Design. It’s proof that when done right, dark walls, lots of wood, and a neutral palette are anything but gloomy or dull.

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    Master Bedroom Seating Area

    awesome 4 room hdb master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Possibilities for Design Inc.

    Here’s an idea that works equally well in both very large bedrooms and studio apartments. Position a loveseat or pair of comfortable armchairs at the foot of the bed, along with a small table. Now you have a seating area for relaxing, chatting, or reading. The beautiful bedroom here is from Possibilities for Design Inc.

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    Fur Toss Blanket

    stunning 3 room hdb master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Jeff Andrews Design

    Decorator-to-the-stars Jeff Andrews created this opulent bedroom for Kris Jenner. While hers may not be faux, you can get a similarly luxurious look by tossing a pretend-mink blanket across the foot of your bed.

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    Beach Cottage Bedroom

    the best 12x11 master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    The Good Home

    This beach cottage master bedroom from The Good Home proves that a space can be both casual and pulled-together lovely. Notice how the small shots of bright orange liven up the room, while the mismatched bedside tables prove that there’s no need for an all-in-one-purchase bedroom set.

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    Rustic Bohemian Bedroom

    ultimate zen master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Orsman Construction

    It’s a little bit rustic, a little bit bohemian, a little bit industrial and a whole lot gorgeous. This terrific bedroom is from Orsman Construction.

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    British Colonial Master Bedroom

    unrivaled yellow bedroom designs #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Eye for Design

    A combination of traditional, formal English style and the casual, natural vibe of the many tropical lands colonized by Britain in centuries past, the British Colonial style is truly the best of both worlds.

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    Eclectic Asian Inspiration

    the most amazing white bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    There’s a wide range of styles here, all adding up to a truly lovely space. The Asian-inspired wallpaper sets a pretty backdrop, while the chrome shine of the bed and side table spark up the black walls. The unexpected old-style trunk shakes things up a bit, while the black and red curtains create drama.

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    Add Personality to a Contemporary Bedroom

    amazing well decorated bedroom #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Cuckoo 4 Design

    A contemporary bedroom provides plenty of opportunity to spice up the decor with touches of personality. Case in point: this gray, cream and black master bedroom from Cuckoo 4 Design. While it would still be a gorgeous room without them, the animal print throw pillows, gold “Texas longhorn,” and potted banana tree (this one is faux, but they do grow indoors) really raise the decorating bar up high.

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    Log Cabin Master Bedroom

    inspiring vintage master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Andre Pierce Architecture

    Just because a bedroom is in a log cabin doesn’t mean it can’t be luxuriously gorgeous, as this master bedroom from Andre Pierce Architects proves so beautifully.

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    Traditional Master Bedroom

    awesome vintage bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    There’s nothing stodgy about traditional decor when it combines color, pattern, textures and shapes as skillfully as this beautiful master bedroom. Perfect.

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    Glamorous Neutral Bedroom

    stunning very small master bedroom design ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    When it comes to bedroom design, neutral colors like brown and cream can be every bit as glamorous as more vibrant hues when combined with luxurious materials, curved lines and interesting accents, as in the bedroom shown here.

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    Neutral Bedroom Ideas

    the best very small master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Marie Flanigan Interiors

    Just because a room is decorated entirely in neutrals doesn’t mean it can’t be filled with contrast, interest and even a wide range of color. Check out this beautiful bedroom from Marie Flanigan Interiors and see for yourself.

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    Contemporary Beach Bedroom

    ultimate urban bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Anne Becker Design

    Here’s a contemporary take on the ever-popular beach bedroom from Anne Becker Designs. The blue and white palette, clean lines, and lack of fuss keep the space fresh and airy. Suspending the bed with iron “ropes” is an outstanding touch.

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    Metallic Accents in the Bedroom

    unrivaled unique master bedrooms #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Robin Pelissier Design

    This bedroom from Robin Pelissier Design highlights the power of metallic accents—here in the wallpaper and bedside cabinet—to glitz up a space. The purple upholstered headboard is another gorgeous touch.

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    Vintage Bedroom Decor

    the most amazing unique master bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Design Sponge

    There’s just something so warm and welcoming about vintage style. Whether you decorate your entire bedroom with vintage pieces, or just add one or two, the result is a restful retreat that welcomes you home at the end of a long day.

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    Dark Blue Bedroom Walls

    amazing unique master bedroom designs #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    LGB Interiors

    If you want strong color on your bedroom walls, but don’t want to lose the peaceful vibe so conducive to sleep, you can’t go wrong with deepest blue, as in this beautiful bedroom from LGB Interiors.

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    Stunning Mediterranean Master Bedroom

    inspiring tween bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Jones Clayton Construction

    What a fabulous Mediterranean-inspired bedroom from Jones Clayton Construction. The old-world formality, luxurious materials and overall attention to detail makes this room a winner.

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    Canopy Bed

    awesome tuscan bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    It’s hard to beat the romantic flair of a canopy bed, especially when the rest of the bedroom is equally soft and luxurious. So pretty.

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    Wallpaper in the Master Bedroom

    stunning tropical bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    Soothing dark neutrals are one way to decorate bedroom walls, but if you want to create a little more interest than paint alone, consider wallpaper with a limited palette and interesting design, like the vining floral used here.

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    Natural Materials in the Bedroom

    the best top master bedroom designs #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    CalAtlantic Homes

    One way to add serene beauty to a bedroom is with natural materials. This bedroom shows off several: twigs in the light fixture, worn wood on the walls, faux fur on the footboard stools. Botanical artwork continues the natural theme.

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    French Country Bedroom

    ultimate top bedroom designs #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Tucker & Marks Design

    “Stunning” is an apt description of this elegantly beautiful French country bedroom from Tucker & Marks Design. It’s the perfect blend of pattern, subdued color, rustic elements, and just-enough-luxe fabrics.

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    Accents in the Master Bedroom

    unrivaled top 10 master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Liquid Interiors

    Sometimes, all it takes is a couple of well chosen accent pieces to transform a room from ho-hum to stunning. Here, Liquid Interiors used a glorious wooden screen in place of a traditional headboard, as well as unique spiky pendant lights, to create a small but beautiful master bedroom.

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    Midcentury Modern Bedroom

    the most amazing the master bedroom #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Shelly Turner

    Stylist Shelly Turner decorated this fresh and airy midcentury modern bedroom in blue and white, perfect against the brick walls.

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    Country Gets Glamorous

    amazing the best master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Alexander James Interior Design

    Ever wondered what would happen if you mixed country design with a touch of Hollywood glam? Well, wonder no more, because Alexander James Interior Designhas answered the question for you with this stunning master bedroom.

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    Houseplants in the Bedroom

    inspiring teenage bedroom designs #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    Potted plants help purify the air and lend a relaxing vibe to the bedroom. Up their decorative power by going full-size, as in this bedroom with large potted banana trees. Other options are palms, ficus, and dracaena.

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    Airy and Open Bedroom

    awesome teen bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Amber Interiors

    “Stunning” is not synonymous with “lots of stuff.” In fact, an open, airy room with just the right blend of color, pattern, interest, and personality is the most stunning room of all. For proof, just check out the lovely yet simple master bedroom from Amber Interiors shown here.

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    Black Walls in the Bedroom

    stunning small master bedroom modern design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    McCroskey Interiors

    Think black walls are only suited to caves, Goth looks, or overly-dramatic teen girls? This stunning room from McCroskey Interiors might change your mind. Notice the white ceiling: that’s the key to keeping black walls dramatic, not depressing.

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    New Traditional

    the best small master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    McCroskey Interiors

    While traditional style never goes out of fashion, it does get updated to contemporary tastes. Here, McCroskey Interiors does it right. Touches of shine, simply-styled yet boldly patterned window treatments, the sunburst mirror, and the intriguing small shell table place this traditional bedroom firmly in current times. Stunning.

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    Bedroom Seating Area

    ultimate small bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    McCroskey Interiors

    If your master bedroom is large enough, take advantage of the extra space with a seating area, as in this room from McCroskey Interiors. An area rug defines the space and adds extra interest to the room.

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    Artwork in the Bedroom

    unrivaled small bedroom design ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Blackband Home & Design

    Crowning the bed or over a dresser isn’t the only spot to showcase artwork. Use a large hanging to create interest on an open wall, as in this room from Blackband Home & Design.

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    Vertical Stripes on Bedroom Walls

    the most amazing small bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Blackband Home & Design

    Is your bedroom small with a low ceiling? Then take a trick from Blackband Home & Design, and use wallpaper with thin vertical stripes to open up the space.

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    Romantic Canopy Bed

    amazing small bedroom decorating ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Blackband Home & Design

    Nothing says romance like a canopy bed. The gently draping panels on the bed shown here (the room is decorated by Blackband Home & Design) are quite simple, but add a touch of soft sensuousness to an otherwise serene bedroom.

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    Add Impact with a Light Fixture

    inspiring sleeping room decoration #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    RSVP Design Services

     This bedroom would be pretty without it, but the addition of the gorgeous, uniquely colored chandelier takes it several steps beyond mere prettiness and into the stunning zone. That’s the power of a fantastic lighting fixture. This lovely room is from RSVP Design Services.

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    Symmetry in Design

    awesome simple master bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    The Decorologist

    When a room’s furnishings are very symmetrical, as in the room shown here, it lends the space a rather formal style. But by keeping the palette limited and peaceful, and the furnishings soft and interesting, the formality mellows into tranquility.

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    Unique Artwork

    stunning simple bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Architectural Digest

    This stunning bedroom from designer S.R. Gambrel was spotlighted on Architectural Digest. It’s decorated in a traditional fashion, but the wonderfully unique artwork—each with a different wilting flower—takes it in a contemporary, rather whimsical direction.

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    Pastels in the Bedroom

    the best simple bedroom decor #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Combined Interiors

    This beautiful bedroom from Combined Interiors highlights the power of pastels. Soft and serene, pastels are perfect for a bedroom where color is desired, but not too much of a dramatic statement. So pretty.

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    Show Off Your Personality

    ultimate rustic bedroom designs #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Studio Ten 25

    Not everyone likes to play it safe in the bedroom when it comes to design. This bursting-with-personality master bedroom from Studio Ten 25 shows off its owner’s personality to a tee. So wonderfully quirky, dramatic and full of fun.

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    Blue and White Bedroom

    unrivaled room styles bedroom #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Hernandez Greene

    There’s a reason blue and white is one of the most popular color combinations for the bedroom: it works. Peaceful, versatile enough to complement any decorating style, easy to accent: this palette is a winner. It’s also a good color scheme for a tiny bedroom, as demonstrated here by designer Hernandez Greene.

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    Over-the-Bed Valance

    the most amazing room interior design for bedroom #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Sara Gilbane Interiors

    Sara Gilbane Interiors uses an over-the-bed valance to add a huge dose of drama that isn’t overly brash or loud to this stylish master bedroom.

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    Light Blue Bedroom Walls

    amazing room ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    At Home In Arkansas

    Whisper-soft blue on bedroom walls is so peaceful and soothing. In this room from At Home In Arkansas, pastel blue provides the perfect backdrop to a contemporary bedroom with the slightest hint of country style.

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    Gorgeous Mirrors in the Bedroom

    inspiring room designs bedroom #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Shabby Slips

    Wow. If you’ve ever had any doubt that it only takes one or two fabulous accessories to elevate a room from attractive to stunning, then this glorious space from Shabby Slips should dispel all questions. The ornate baroque mirror over the bed, couple with the formal chandelier, truly turn this black-walled bedroom into a decorating win.

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    Bright Area Rug

    awesome room design ideas for bedrooms #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Martha O’Hara Interiors

    Want to add some sizzle to a neutral bedroom? Then layer an oh-so-bright area rug over the floor, even right on top of wall-to-wall carpet. Martha O’Hara Interiorslights up this room with the hottest of pinks, but you could achieve the same effect with any other intense bright.

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    Chrome Canopy Bed

    stunning room design ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Marika Meyer Interiors

    Canopy beds are often formal or old-fashioned in style, but as Marika Meyer Interiors shows here, a shiny chrome finish on a simple and contemporary shape takes an otherwise traditional master bedroom right into the modern age.

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    Glamorous Accents in the Master Bedroom

    the best room design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    EJ Interiors

    Want to turn your master bedroom into a stunner? EJ Interiors shows you an easy way to do it: add plenty of luxurious glamour in the form of mirrored surfaces, plush velvet, and soft faux fur.

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    Metallics in the Bedroom

    ultimate room decoration design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    EJ Interiors

    Every bedroom benefits from a touch or two of metallic shine, but if you want to create a stunning bedroom, take metallics all the way, as in this feminine, beautiful space from EJ Interiors.

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    Small Master Bedroom

    unrivaled room decor ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Holly Dyment Design

    Even the tiniest bedroom can be a stunner if instead of denying the lack of space, you embrace it. Here, Holly Dyment Design fills a micro-bedroom with bright, happy color, pattern and texture.

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    Gray and White in the Bedroom

    the most amazing room decor #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Lucy and Company

    Gray used to be an uncommon color for bedroom design, but today, it’s prized for its serene and calming vibe. In this room, Lucy and Company show off the peaceful and pretty combination of gray and white.

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    Striped Bedroom Ceiling

    amazing room accessories ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Tobi Fairley & Associates

    Looking for an unusual touch to transform your room into something special? Why not take a tip from designer Tobi Fairley and paint your ceiling with bold stripes? This wonderful bedroom is decorated in green and coral, but you could choose any strong color for a similar effect.

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    Wallpaper on the Ceiling

    inspiring romantic bedroom designs #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Perkinson Homes

    Despite the name, wallpaper is a great option for more than just walls. In this model home, Perkinson Homes demonstrates the power of a wallpapered ceiling to transform a room into something special.

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    Moroccan Bedroom Style

    awesome retro bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Taylor Borsari Inc.

    This wonderfully subdued Moroccan-influenced bedroom from designer Taylor Borsari is entirely neutral, and yet filled with interesting pattern and texture. Stunning.

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    Color and Pattern in the Master Bedroom

    stunning redecorating room ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Taylor Borsari Inc.

    Love color and Pattern? Then you’ll love the cheerful and gorgeous bedroom from Taylor Borsari Inc. shown here. There’s a whole lot of color and pattern going on in this bedroom, but because the palette is limited to red, yellow and green, and the pattern is nicely balanced in scale, there’s nothing chaotic or overly-stimulating about the space.

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    Unique Four Poster Bed

    the best redecorating bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Heather Scott Home & Design

    Who wouldn’t look forward to bedtime if it meant crawling into a bed as gorgeous as this four poster beauty? When you have a unique piece of furniture like this, the rest of the room can stay simple. This lovely room is from Heather Scott Home & Design.

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    Asia-Inspired Patterns

    ultimate redecorating bedroom #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Tucker & Marks Design

    This soft and sublime bedroom from Tucker & Marks Design shows off a bit of Asian influence in the patterns on the bedside lamps, wallpaper, and bench, but the furnishings and color scheme are traditional in style.

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    Bedroom Window Treatments

    unrivaled red bedroom designs #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    McCann Design Group

    Beautiful window treatments add a lot of color and pattern to a space. In this traditional master bedroom, McCann Design Group choose pink and salmon floral drapes topped with valances to light up this mostly neutral room.

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    Yellow and Green Cottage Bedroom

    the most amazing purple bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Benjamin Dhong Interiors

    This contemporary take on cottage decor from Benjamin Dhong Interiors shows how cheerful and fresh a yellow and green palette can be.

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    French Bedroom Design

    amazing purple bedroom designs #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Jamie Herzlinger

    Designer Jamie Herzlinger decorated this master bedroom in elegantly glamorous French style. Ornate trim, plenty of gold, expensive fabrics, and a sense of the traditional all play a part in this somewhat formal style.

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    Masculine Master Bedroom

    inspiring princess bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Marie Flanagan Interiors

    There’s nothing froufrou about this black and brown bedroom from Marie Flanagan Interiors. What a wonderful room for a single man, a couple who prefer a strong style, or any woman who isn’t wowed by the traditionally feminine.

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    Orange and Black Bedroom

    awesome pretty master bedrooms #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Tobi Fairley & Associates

    Orange and black isn’t a common color combination for the bedroom, but after a look designer Tobi Fairley’s creation here, you’ll wonder why it isn’t used more often.

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    Stained Glass Windows in the Bedroom

    stunning pretty decorations for bedrooms #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Periwinkles Design

    This stunning bedroom was once the upper eaves of a church. Today, it’s a testament to the power of a show-stopping and unexpected focal point – or as in beautiful bedroom from Periwinkles Design, several focal points in the form of stained glass windows. Every aspect of this simple, colorful bedroom is sheer perfection.

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    Rustic Master Bedroom

    the best pretty bedrooms for adults #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    A stunning headboard surround nearly as large as the wall turns a rustic bedroom into a showstopper.

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    Nautical Bedroom Design

    ultimate pretty bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    the thinking closet

    Here’s a nautically-themed bedroom done right. No overly-cutesy, take-the-theme-too-far kitsch in this thoroughly grownup bedroom from the thinking closet. Instead, a nod to the theme with blue and white stripes, just enough boat-related accessories, and a couple of throw pillows with nautical motifs. Perfect.

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    Country Stunner

    unrivaled pretty bedroom accessories #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Tucker & Marks Design

    Here, Tucker & Marks Design prove that country style doesn’t have to be cutesy, overly casual, or anything less than stunning. Rustic wood, warm color, traditional patterns… this room gets everything right.

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    Hollywood Regency

    the most amazing popular master bedroom colors #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    This swanky stunner shows off Hollywood glam or Hollywood regency style. Luxe fabrics, plenty of shine, a showstopper chandelier, and an overall sense of expensive style are hallmarks of this dramatic look.

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    Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

    amazing popular bedroom decor #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors

    Loving modern farmhouse style doesn’t mean you were born in a barn. It means you enjoy the warm, casual, yesterday-made-current vibe of this a-little-bit-country, a-little-bit-vintage look. Here, a lovely bedroom from design firm Anne Sneed welcomes you inside.

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    Tuscan Style Bedroom

    inspiring polka dot bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    With its old-world charm, warm colors, elegant and impressive furnishings, and overall luxurious and yet welcoming vibe, it’s no wonder that Tuscan style remains a decorating favorite.

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    Cottage Bedroom

    awesome pink bedroom designs #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    Here’s a cottage bedroom that shows off all of the wonderful aspects of this perpetually popular decorating style: a colorful quilt and lots of throw pillows, pretty iron bed, floral patterns, vintage furnishings, and most of all, a welcoming, comfortable and peaceful vibe.

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    Luxurious Headboard

    stunning pictures of master bedrooms #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Eagle Luxury Properties

    If you want a bedroom that reflects pure luxury, like this stunner from Eagle Luxury Properties, you’ll need a magnificently designed headboard like the velvet, tufted number shown here.

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    Pink Master Bedroom

    the best perfect bedroom design ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

    There’s so much gorgeousness going on in this room from Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design, it’s hard to know where to start. The beautiful salmon pink walls? The gorgeous peacocks and flowers mural? The bed, with its crystal-clear posts? Or perhaps it’s all of these factors put together that make this bedroom so stunning.

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    Chocolate Brown and White

    ultimate oriental bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Rugo/Raff Ltd. Architects

    Rich and delicious, chocolate is as tasty a color as it is a candy. Case in point: this soothing, warm, and elegant bedroom from Rugo/Raff Ltd. Architects. The strong brown walls aren’t too dramatic, but instead, are like a warm hug. Lot of white keeps the room feeling open and airy.

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    Beautiful Attic Bedroom

    unrivaled orange bedroom designs #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Andrea Schumacher Interiors

    Sloped roof in an attic bedroom? Play it up, as in this lovely space from Andrea Schumacher Interiors. Simply attach a length of pretty fabric to the ceiling with a curtain rod, drape it gently over the bed, and then secure it over the headboard with a second curtain rod. So pretty.

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    Bohemian Rhapsody

    the most amazing old world master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    The Jungalow

    Love lots of color in your bedroom? How about a riot of pattern, a sense of humor, an artistic sensibility, and a love for global influence? If your answers are “yes,” then you are a fan of the boho decorating style, displayed beautifully in this colorful bedroom from The Jungalow.

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    Wood Ceiling Beams in the Bedroom

    amazing nursery in master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Christine Huve Interiors

    What’s not to love about this serene bedroom from Christine Huve Interiors? The rustic ceiling beams, the tranquil color scheme, the comfy seating area, the handsome headboard, the sculptural lighting fixture… it all adds up to one glorious room.

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    Texture in Interior Design

    inspiring normal master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Amber Interiors

    Here’s a bedroom from Amber Interiors that shows off the power of texture to liven up a very subdued color scheme. Notice the varied textures in the rug, window shades, light fixture, bedding and bench.

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    Add Color to Neutrals

    awesome nice master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Nesting Place

    Neutrals are inherently soothing, making them perfect for bedroom design. But sometimes, an all-neutral color scheme can be a bit blah. If you want to spark up your own neutral space, take a tip from this lovely room from the blog Nesting Place. Here, it’s a touch of pink in the flowers and pouf, but you could substitute any favorite color.

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    White Bedroom Design

    stunning nice bedrooms #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    Here, a contemporary take on country shows off the power of white. It provides the perfect backdrop for a striking black bed, and only requires a few colorful accents to liven up the room.

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    Throw Pillows

    the best nice bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    A stunning bedroom needs a stunning bed as the centerpiece. That means throw pillows displayed to perfection. While there are many ways to arrange your pillows, you can’t go wrong with the classic Euro shams in the back, regular shams in the middle, two or three throw pillows in front.

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    Large Artwork in the Bedroom

    ultimate new style bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    Top off your headboard with a sizable piece of artwork, and your bed will get the attention it deserves. Don’t make the common mistake of hanging the art too high above the headboard—just a couple inches is enough.

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    Glamorous Minimalism

    unrivaled new style bedroom #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    Chalky black walls, a bed piled high with cozy bedding, a chandelier dripping crystal pendants and a simple display of one flowering branch… this bedroom is both minimalist and glamorous.

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    Hang Curtains Over the Headboard

    the most amazing new style bed design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Summerhouse Interior Design

    Looking to add elegant drama to your bedroom without spending a fortune? Hang a set of curtains over your bed, as in this sophisticated space from Summerhouse Interior Design. You’ll get decorating bang without spending a fortune.

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    Canopy Bed

    amazing new room ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    S.B Long Interiors

    Whether you completely surround your bed with drapes, don’t have any drapes at all, or simply hang panels at the head of the bed, as in this master bedroom from S.B Long Interiors, a canopy bed adds so much drama to a room.

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    Peach Walls

    inspiring new room design ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Jenny Keenan Design

    Soft peach walls are flattering to every skin tone, work well with just about every other color, and complement most decorating themes. This pretty room is from Jenny Keenan Design.

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    Color It Cool

    awesome new room decoration ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Lucy and Company

    Decorating with the cool colors of blue, green and purple, as in this cute room from Lucy and Company, keeps a bedroom feeling restful, even if it’s quite colorful.

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    Using Pattern in the Bedroom

    stunning new master bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Lucy and Company

    Don’t be afraid to combine a variety of patterns in your bedroom. As long as you stick with a controlled palette and choose patterns in different scales, the look can be quite harmonious, as this room from Lucy and Company demonstrates.

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    Striped Accent Wall

    the best new master bedroom designs #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Lucy and Company

    Why settle for a solid accent wall when you could have colorful stripes? Here’s an easy way to add color, fun and interest to your bedroom. This lovely room is from Lucy and Company.

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    Unusual Color Combinations in the Bedroom

    ultimate new look bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Jonathan Adler

    Sometimes, you can be surprised by a color combination that seems questionable, but actually works wonderfully to create a gorgeous bedroom. Case in point: this orange, blue and brown stunner from Jonathan Adler.

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    Decorate the Bedroom With Yellow

    unrivaled new latest bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Meg Braff Designs

    The most cheerful color of the spectrum, yellow lends its happy vibe to any room it graces. In this airy, fresh master bedroom, Meg Braff Designs uses yellow and white to create a cheery, welcoming space.

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    Purple in a Master Bedroom

    the most amazing new ideas for the bedroom #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Barlow Reid Design Inc.

    Here’s how to do purple in the master bedroom the right way: choose softly muted shades of lilac, lavender or plum, and then add in a sophisticated neutral to chase away any potential “child’s bedroom” vibe. Here, Barlow Reid Design Inc. used silvery gray with soft purples to create a sophisticated master bedroom.

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    Pretty Pink Master Bedroom

    amazing new house bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Megan Winters

    Pink and green is a lovely and classic color combination for not only girls’ bedrooms, but also feminine master suites. The secret, as demonstrated here by Megan Winters Design, is to choose traditional or classic styles of furniture that look sophisticated, not overly young.

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    Tall Headboard

    inspiring new home bedroom designs #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Megan Winters

    “Stunning” is in the eye of the beholder, of course, and different people love different decorating styles. But one element that is quite common in gorgeous bedrooms is an impressively tall headboard, like the one in this bedroom from Megan Winters Design.

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    Show Your Personality

    awesome new england style master bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Anne Coyle Interiors

    Your bedroom is your private space, so feel free to show off your personality. Here, Anne Coyle Interiors decorates a wonderfully eclectic bedroom with plenty of color, pattern and style.

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    Global Influence

    stunning new bedroom interior design ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Taylor Borsari Inc.

    A touch of global influence—in this bedroom from Taylor Borsari Inc. it’s Moroccan—spices up a room and adds a hefty dose of interest.

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    Stunning Canopy Bed

    the best new bedroom ideas 2016 #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Phoebe Howard

    Designer Phoebe Howard takes the canopy bed to new heights in this glorious bedroom. Who wouldn’t feel like royalty sleeping in such a magnificent bed?

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    Mixing Up Patterns

    ultimate new bedroom ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Phoebe Howard

    This stunning bedroom from Phoebe Howard is full of pattern, but still beautifully serene. The trick is sticking with a muted, limited palette.

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    Soft Green Bedroom

    unrivaled new bedroom design ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Meg Braff Designs

    If you want to create a truly relaxing bedroom, you can’t go wrong with the softest tints of green. For proof, check out the lovely space shown here, from Meg Braff Designs.

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    Traditional Country Bedroom

    the most amazing new bedroom design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Meg Braff Designs

    This traditional country bedroom is full of charm. From designer Meg Braff, the room is full of soft color, pretty patterns, and comfy fabrics. So inviting.

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    White Bedroom Ideas

    amazing new bedroom decoration #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design

    Open, airy and fresh: that’s the all-white bedroom. Just be sure to use a variety of textures to add interest to the room.

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    Gray Contemporary Bedroom

    inspiring new bedroom decorating ideas #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Jenny Wolf Interiors

    This contemporary showstopper from Jenny Wolf Interiors shows how beautiful gray can be in the bedroom.

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    Try Animal Prints In the Bedroom

    awesome new bed design 2016 #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Spinnaker Development

    Even the most traditional bedroom benefits from a little walk on the wild side… here in the form of a zebra-print bench. This model bedroom is from Spinnaker Development.

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    Unexpected Accents in a Bedroom

    stunning new bed design #Bedroom #MasterBedroom #Design
    Eric Olsen Design

    Sometimes, it’s the unexpected touches that transform a room from so-so to stunning. Here, Eric Olsen Design show off a fabulous rustic carved wooden headboard and vine light fixture.

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