10 Kinds of Prayer Room Designs

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The five daily prayers are compulsory for all Muslims. Running it also requires solitude. So there are some people who choose to make a minimalist mosque so that their worship runs smoothly. Every country has a Muslim population.

The existence of prayer rooms in homes and public places is important and very vital. Are you also considering making a prayer room at home? This time we will give you various types of prayer room designs that you can put inside the house.

An ideal home is a house that can meet the needs of its inhabitants. For those who are Muslim, one of the most needed rooms is the prayer room. Although prayer can be done in other rooms such as rooms and living rooms, a special room is one way to make worship more solemn. No need for a room that is too big, because a simple but modern minimalist prayer room can be your choice.

Minimalist prayer room, besides not taking up a lot of space in the house, also does not take much cost when construction. The interior design can adjust the overall concept of your home.

1. Prayer Room that is united with other Rooms

The solemn atmosphere will certainly be felt if no one is disturbing worship activities. That is the reason why many people make a special room of prayer and recitation. If you do not have an empty space, you can use a special place with a large area to be used as a prayer house. To store all the prayer equipment such as prayer rugs, gloves, and others, provide a small cupboard there. That way, the room can be kept neat and reused as before.

2. Prayer Room with Ethnic Nuances

There is no harm in adding various decoration elements to the prayer room for a more attractive appearance. One style that you can choose is ethnic concepts like the example above. But there is something you need to remember, do not ever put the statues of living things in it.

The next thing that must be considered in the manufacture and arrangement of minimalist prayer spaces in the home is the right Qibla direction. Do not let you determine the wrong front and back of the prayer room. You may make a closed wall at the front of the Qibla and a large opening at the back as a way in and out of people.

3. Minimalist Prayer Room with Decorations from Natural Materials

Room decorations that come from natural materials such as wood and rocks will make the minimalist prayer room in your home more comfortable to use for worship. Both materials emphasize modern concepts without removing the familiar atmosphere in the room.

Generally, a wooden-based room decoration used for a minimalist prayer room in the form of a room divider, cabinet, a photo frame, and other wall hangings. While the decorations of rocks are usually used as table decorations.

4. Minimalist Prayer Room with Islamic Wall Decorations

Calligraphy that reads “Allah” and “Muhammad”, verses of the Koran, as well as photos of places of worship in Saudi Arabia, is a choice of wall decoration that is the choice of many people. The religious impression generated by calligraphy decoration can inspire us to worship.

But for a minimalist prayer room, make sure you don’t hang all the pictures at once. Just select one large image or two small images. In addition to the room that looks more spacious, the worship space becomes more beautiful to look at.

5. Minimalistic Prayer Room with Decorative Shelves

If you don’t want to fill a worship space with a cabinet or cupboard, a shelf that sticks directly to the wall can be an alternative. Focusing on one side of the room, this shelf will beautify minimalist prayer rooms with deep, elegant and simple nuances.

However, you also need to pay attention to the placement of worship equipment, books, and other decorations on the shelf. Shelves that are too full will only make a small mosque with a small space that feels cramped. Give a rather wide distance between one item and another to eliminate the impression of solid.

6. Minimalist Prayer Room with High Ceilings

If possible, build prayer rooms with high ceilings. This trick makes a minimalist prayer room in a limited area looks more spacious. In addition, high ceiling or minimalist ceiling also makes the room cool and not stuffy. Especially if this minimalist mosque is built with minimal air ventilation, then a high ceiling is a solution for better air circulation.

Brightly colored ceilings like white are also recommended for minimalist prayer rooms in the house. In addition to making the room look higher, the white color that reflects light will make the room brighter.

7. Minimalist Prayer Room close to Home Gardens

Your house has a mini home garden? C’mon, consider building a prayer room in a room that borders the home garden. Shades of green from the outside will make this minimalist prayer room become cooler and pleasing to the eye. You and your family will feel more comfortable when praying.

In order not to be too open but still get the impression of semi-outdoor, you can limit the minimalist prayer room and garden with glass doors or high glass windows.

8. Minimalist Prayer Room that has Simple Furniture

It’s not too much, if you want your prayer room to look more beautiful. However, because minimalist prayer spaces in homes have limited space, it is very important to fill them with functional furniture, especially if they are large.

Choose an open cabinet or glass door for storing prayer rugs, mukenas, the Koran, and other religious books. This type of cabinet will give the impression of a modern and more spacious room. As a decorative addition to this minimalist prayer room, you can add a wall shelf to store Islamic displays.

9. Minimalistic Prayer Room with Soft Colors

The room with the dominance of soft colors will bring a calming atmosphere. This is why soft colors like white and beige are highly recommended for worship spaces, especially minimal prayer rooms. As you might already know, bright colors can make the room look more spacious.

A minimalist prayer room with a small room will look more spacious with these colors. That way, worship will be more comfortable. That is why choosing the color of house paint and other building paint colors are equally important. Not only that, but the colors are also able to reflect light, both sunlight, and light. This advantage will make the room brighter, so it is very helpful when the prayer room is used to study the Qoran.

10. Minimalist Prayer Room with Wall Lights

Lighting in a minimalist prayer room also needs attention. Don’t let the lights in the prayer room be too dim or too bright. Lights that are too soft will make your eyes hurt if you have to read the Qoran or other religious books in the prayer room. On the other hand, light that is too bright will make the prayer room feel hot.

Use wall lights on the two sides of the room. Wall lamps are one of the most ideal lighting for prayer rooms because they provide the right light intensity and add to the aesthetics of the room.

Well, are there any minimalist mosque designs above that you can apply at home? As long as there is an empty space in the house, you will always be able to use it for prayer space. Good luck!