10 House Door Designs that You Must Try

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One part of the house which certainly has an important role and as our access to each room, is nothing but a door. This most important part will certainly always be in every home. However, it has designs and models that vary from house to house. For that, we present several minimalist home door designs that you can use for your home.

The house is certainly a place to shelter from all kinds of dangers that will suddenly attack us. The house, is equipped with one very important part to ignore, nothing but a door. With the presence of the door in your home, of course this becomes an obligation that really should exist in a house.

The door has a very important role for every homeowner. Without a door, of course there are no obstacles or restrictions at all for us as an entrance and also out of a house. In addition, the door can be said as the mouth of a house.

However, there are some houses that do not have proper and adequate doors because of limited materials and designs. For that, we present several minimalist home door designs that you can certainly use now.

Okay, without lingering any longer we go straight to the following discussion.

1. Sliding Door Design

The design of the first minimalist house door has a model that is quite unique and also attracts. The attention of many people to have it. How not, the design of the door is indeed made with a sliding door design. So that a door will look better. Coupled with a design that can be used as a window also makes many people start glancing at it.

The door design as in the example image above is intended for homes that have a fairly narrow space so that the sliding door model will save more space. You certainly can make this minimalist door design at least 2mx2m or according to your wishes so that the door will look like a window and also a door.

2. Door Design between Windows

This door model is indeed chosen by many people. The design of this minimalist house door has a pretty brilliant design where the door model in the middle and two small windows beside it make this door look more attractive. Besides that, this door design chose a concept that was quite simple but elegant.

The glass you can choose for the two windows must be black so that people from outside will not be able to see the contents of our house. But on the contrary, we can clearly see the outside circumstances. As an alternative, you can install a curtain or curtain to avoid the possibility of people seeing our house.

3. Classic Minimalist Door Designs

The door model above has become. The most important choice for people who want to have a door design that has two accesses. The door design of the house was intentionally made of two doors. To make it wider and wider in access to and out of the house.

In general, the design of a minimalist house door is chosen by people who may have a vehicle. That requires it to be stored in the house. Interestingly, the design of the door was designed as well as possible. With the addition of two windows on both sides. In addition, you can also install a trellis and curtains to restrict people from being able to see the contents of our house.

4. Minimalist Luxury Door Design

Comes with a look that is quite luxurious to make the design of this door is very suitable for you. The concept of a minimalist door is indeed made in such a way as to attract the attention of many people. This door design is certainly very suitable for those of you who want to have a door that is quite elegant.

Door material made of wood does have its own uniqueness and interest for those who see it. An article, wood is very easy and also interesting to be made with various kinds of motifs and designs in it. How, very interesting is not the minimalist model of the door above.

5. Simple Minimalist Door Design

Of course, we are not strange with the minimalist design of this one door. Because the door model weve often encountered in most homes. With a model of two doors plus two windows next to it make this minimalist door design look more attractive.

To have a minimalist house door model is indeed not difficult where this door is made with a model and also a fairly simple motif. To install a double door model like this, of course, requires a fairly large space compared to the single door model. Because you have to add space to install the two windows next to it.

6. Door Design with One Window

Minimalist house door design in the picture above is somewhat spelled out by many people. Because the door design does have a fairly clever concept where the single door is installed with a small window placed side by side. The tiny window is indeed very fitting installed beside the door.

If in general, the window-mounted beside the door has two windows. With this concept, it is certainly very suitable for those of you who have a fairly narrow space and also tiny to place two pairs of windows and doors. For that, please think about your desires for the model and also which design is very suitable for you.

7. Vintage Minimalist Door Design

This minimalist house door model has a concept that is quite luxurious and elegant. This is certainly evident from the selection of materials and also truly amazing models. Coupled with gold-colored material so that it will look very luxurious and magnificent. Of course, you can also install this door model in your home.

Only with a fairly small size which is about 2mx2m, of course you can already have this minimalist model door. In addition, this model door has a glass that is installed right on the door so that it will look more attractive.

8. Modern One Window Door Design

If you want a minimalist house door that is different from others. Why not to choose the following door model. This door model has a kosnep and also a pretty brilliant design where you can have a door that is partly glass and part of wood.

As you can see in the picture above, the minimalist house door has air holes between the door. The design of the door is indeed very different from the usual door model where the door is not fully closed. But there are some gaps that allow us to clearly see the contents of the house and the circumstances outside the home.

9. Chinese-style Door Design

The next door door model is indeed almost the same as the previous door model. However, the difference in the previous picture of the door has a fairly natural color from the katu. Whereas in the example of this door frame is very different where the door of this house has been given a bright red color.

Although it does not look natural, still this door comes with an extraordinary display. The concept of the door to this house is indeed very extraordinary where the door is installed with windows and glass at the top. While at the bottom it still has wood material. If you want to have a door design like in the picture above, it doesn’t hurt for you to try.

10. Door Design with Plants

Usually, this minimalist house door is found in a house that does have a fairly elegant look. The homeowner might have thought about the concept and design well. Hence, the door design is also designed so that it looks as good as possible.

The design of this minimalist house door does look small but has an extraordinary display. This is because a single door is made in combination with a glass window made in a box. So that the look of this door is really very elegant and also in contrast. What’s more the door of this house is red so it makes the door and the house look more alive.