10 Garage Design that can Make Your Home Beautiful and Complete

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Having a special room to store vehicles is very desirable for every homeowner. Because the garage has its own benefits which of course is not owned by other rooms. The car garage design below might inspire you in designing your own garage space. In this case. It is nothing but a garage. Without a garage, of course we cannot store vehicles that are really needed by us. For that reason, of course, almost every home has a garage space. Which would be a place that must exist in some homes. The design of a car garage next to the house is indeed the right choice at this time.

Many homeowners are designing garage designs as attractive as possible. Of course, having a garage with an attractive design. It will make the homeowner very easy to store a vehicle for a fairly long time. For that, we present several car side garage designs that might be suitable for you to design. Most homes need a garage. In the end, they made use of the remaining front yard land as an open garage, commonly referred to as a carport.

Garage or carport home has two main functions, namely the storage function and protection function. Garage or carport house serves to store and protect vehicles from heat, rain, damage and theft. Not only that, but home garages are also often used as a place to store vehicle equipment so that it is not uncommon to become an emergency workshop. Therefore, the design of a garage or carport house must be able to accommodate both the main function and function of its activities, while still considering the aesthetic function.

1. Garage in a Luxury House

This garage is a garage that is commonly found everywhere. A garage is next to the house and its location is quite strategic. This garage is suitable for those of you who have luxury homes and confusion to put the car and to make your car safe.

2. Minimalist Garage

This garage is a minimalist shaped garage. However, despite being minimalist, this garage can also accommodate large cars. The trees around it also make this garage more beautiful. This garage is suitable for you who have a minimalist house with lots of trees around it.

3. Minimalist Garage that Fits Two Cars

Still, in a minimalist form, this one garage has a fairly minimalist shape. The shape is unique and wide, making this garage fit for two cars. This garage is suitable for you who have a small area but have more than one car.

4. Box-shaped Garage

Unique and beautiful. Those are the words that can describe this garage. The box shape makes it dubbed a unique garage. And the decoration inside makes it dubbed a beautiful garage. This garage can load around two to three standard cars. This garage can also be a place to gather and have fun with family, girlfriends, or also friends. This is certainly suitable for you who like to hang out with busy rollicking.

5. Garage Made from Wood

Are you a lover of natural things? Maybe this one garage can be the answer. Because our garage this time is a garage that is mostly made of wood. The material in the form of wood makes this garage look more natural and beautiful to look at. Don’t underestimate this garage too. Although made of wood, this garage can still keep your vehicle safely controlled.

6. Black House Minimalist Garage

Black. That’s what was illustrated when you saw the design of this garage. For those of you who like the color black, this garage model will suit you. You can also add other accessories to enhance this garage. The black color makes your home elegant and looks like a luxury home. But be careful if you want to modify the color. Because just a little wrong will make it look unattractive and will make your house become ordinary.

7. Double Garage in One House

Large and can accommodate many cars. That’s what you have when you see the garage design that we provide today. In this house there are two garages, both of which can be used as a garage and as a gathering place. If you have a large house and large land and have more than one car, you can try to apply this design to your house. Your home will look bigger and more beautiful and your family and you will be happy too.

8. Simple Garage Model

If you want to not be complicated to determine the right garage design for your home, you can try this one design. This design is a very simple design but also beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Although the design is simple, this garage can still make your home beautiful and of course your vehicle will be safe if it is underneath. You can also add additional furniture if you want to make it more beautiful.

9. Garage with many Plants

Your house is full of beautiful plants? You can beautify it again by making a garage nearby. The garage you make will quickly blend into the surrounding decomposition plants you have. The selection of the right garage color and the right plant selection will make your home look more beautiful and attractive. You will get two benefits at once. The first your plant will get a place to grow and the second your house will look more beautiful. Of course their vehicles are also safer if there is a garage in your home.

10. The Opened Garage

This garage is an open garage or a garage that has no walls. This garage will be suitable for those of you who want to have a beautiful and high-tech garage for your home and your vehicle. If you want all of the things we’ve mentioned, then this design is really right for you and your family.

Okay friends, maybe that’s all we can give for now. Hopefully, the above village design is suitable for you and your family and can beautify your home. Keep on waiting for this website and don’t forget to always protect your health. Okay guys, see you again !!!